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WATCH: Family’s cat saves boy from dog attack

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — A family’s cat came to the rescue of a 4-year-old boy that was being attacked by a neighbor’s dog.

The incident happened Tuesday in southwest Bakersfield, Calif.

A 4-year-old boy was riding his bike in front of his home when the neighbor’s dog started attacking him. The boy’s mother, Erica Triantafilo, was outside at the time.

Within seconds, the Triantafilo’s cat jumped on the dog to get it off the boy. The cat then chased away the dog.

The boy was taken to a local hospital where he received 10 stitches. He is now at home recovering, according to KGET.

“My cat defends my son during a vicious dog attack and runs the dog off before he can do additional damage. Thankfully, my son is fine!” the boy’s father, Roger Triantafilo, wrote in the YouTube video description.

Erica Triantafilo told KGET the neighbor voluntarily had their dog quarantined.


  • Keila

    People need to keep their dogs on the leash period or else they have to pay for the consequences. This country needs better laws against irresponsible dog owners. This dog pitbull or not doesn’t matter he needs to be put down.

  • Who Flung Pooh

    the kid terrorized the dog before and they don’t like each other. Dogs are intelligent and he waited for his chance for revenge. I am certain of this. The little boy was harmful to him in the can bet on that.

    • kim

      Oh here they come!!! You have no evidence to support your comments. If that was true still it didn’t understand it’s place in the world or in a dog worlds the pack the child is Alpha does that don’t get that are dangerous to the public and he should have been secured accordingly. I would have slit it’s throat and sat in my driveway eating my steak dinner (rare) and told the owners they had to clean it off my driveway.

  • Cashmgt

    Put the dog down and jail the owner for letting it run free without a lease. People should be able to play in their own front yard without being attacked. No animal should be abused but I’m so tired of animals coming before humans.

  • Sara Hart

    Amazing that the cat actually scared the dog! I thought it was normally the other way around! Bravo to the fine Kittie and I love dogs but there is no doubt the dog needs to be put down. It is too dangerous … so sad. Makes you wonder what makes a dog want to do something like this. It may have been abused too. So sad…..

    • kim

      Just speculation but dogs no matter how domestic have respect based on pack mentality but that being said their pack leader (owners) define that as to who is alpha. Clearly the offered the dog little discipline relating to understanding all people are alpha to it. Maybe they didn’t like the child or children. This is why dogs actions are and should be the responsibility of the owner. They let the dog and the public at large down.

  • Amanda

    I love America. This video has sparked on this page alone debates on PTSD, the overuse of therapy in our society, the aggressiveness or non -aggressiveness of one particular breed of dog over another, speculation of whether or not parents would set up video cameras to record their child being attacked by a dog and various grammatical errors. Can it not simply just be a video of a cat helping out a little boy?

  • saving1dogslifeatatime

    you’re all pathetic for just blaming the dog.. like why would you even leave your kid outside by it’s self in the first place.. okay yes the owner is silly for not locking the dog up correctly but you can’t just go blaming the dog.. No dog is born aggression, maybe the dog was abused, or been abused before the owner got the dog, or been neglected and not been looked after right and never been taken for walks which means it probably has not ever seen other dogs before or for so long it gets scared which = aggression to defend its self. you don’t know anything about the past this dog has been through so please shhh…

    • paige

      Are you KIDDING ME? The mom was on the porch. She was RIGHT there with him!! Stop defending the dog. The dog deserved to be killed

    • kim

      Really? 1st she was right there so look at the video! 2nd there is no place in a highly populated area for a dog that attacks anyone let alone children. It is the owners responsibility to secure the pet, but the dog is no longer acceptable in society period. Why excuses are like A** holes everyone has got one and they all stink. Review the video really before you comment and if you partake in the weed wait till you come down.

  • Dougie price

    A longer clip I saw the dog saw the child from a distance and circled the car stalking the child. Definitely not staged

  • Kikki

    A dog has to be put down if he bits someone, but bad people and bad parents that abuse and hurt people get a few years in jail or they don’t get punished at all ?… Where is the outrage for thouse acts?… Dogs are animals that most of the time are brutally abused and wants in a while will do somthing bad instinctive. People have a brain , education and still do awful things, but we are against death penalty? We worry that what we use is not humane to kill them, although they killed another person in a atrocious way. Can anybody explain that to me?

  • Kikki

    Why everything has to end with a law suit? Is it always how to get money from someone else, ( lawyers getting the most of it) and destroying the country? It was an accident. People and kids get hurt all the time badly by stupid things that we have no control over. I came here from a communist country. People in America had it too good for so long and now they are heading for a disaster with this mentality. Look around you people to what happens in other country’s like Russia, Muslims , etc to see how life is there and you’ll worries less about accidents. In the past 10-15 years , a big majority of people lost their values, principles, lying is a virtue and hurting others is an accomplishment starting with a government that promotes it.. Wake up people, try to help the situation if you can, including the little boy and move on and pay attention to the big picture.

    • kim

      I agree with you about everything you have said, and I appreciate you putting it out there. The dog needs to be out down and the owner needs to pay the medical bills including plastic surgery if needed and any lost wages. The parents incur to fix the mess and maybe a nominal contribution to a cliche fund but a law suit prolongs the trauma. The point I’m making is we are not communist so some compensation is right. The rest you are spot on.

  • Kikki

    Kids in this country need to have patients, love and parents involvement in their lives, not pills and therapy ( of course with some exceptions) when a child is too active is somthing wrong with them. So the therapist, the school etc… Gives them a pill to come them down, and the parents except that because makes their life easier instead of being outraged.

  • Kikki

    Yes, the dog needs attention this way is not happening again! But I’m not convinced that the attacked was not provoked some how? If it was a stray dog I’ll believe it. But they are neighbors and seen enough in my life to believe that the dog had a reason to attack. I just seen on u tube a baby holding a bone and a dog next to him with the baby pacifier in his mouth. I wouldn’t be surprised if one day the dog is going to want his bone and take it from the kid ( attack) and the dog is going to be blamed for it.. Is that wise of a parent to do that? An animal is an animal, we have to treat them that way. Don’t expect them to think? Although they act like they do, and help people on so many ways.

    • kim

      Seriously! I have had Doberman and grew up riding the back of a German Shepard. My sister had 3 Shepards, and one ate bees that got to close to our kids. They laid at the tummy of the dog drinking a sippy cup, they pulled his ears and tail. They grew up and took the dog everywhere sneaking it table food and took care of them, feed them played ball, explored. No matter what a dog that attacks any person like that must be euthanized. There doesn’t need to be an at fault determination, only an understanding it is an animal and if a good one a family pet. Its painful to loss a pet but in the end it’s on the owner who did not train it to understand little people are Alpha to it. Or for that matter any human life is and unless given the signal by a human it must never attack another human.

  • jai

    We don’t really know why the dog attacked the kid. May be the kid bullied the dog in the past? I am very surprised Labrador mix can act so aggressively.

    Partly blame the owner of the dog for letting the dog out unsupervised. I really hope that the dog doesn’t get put down, instead trained properly and re-homed.

    • paige

      ” I’m surprised a Labrador mix could act so aggressively ”

      Umm… Why are you surprised? No matter what the breed, its still a dog… All dogs bite. Labradors have recently mauled 2 young children. Same with a Bordered Collie that attacked a woman.
      None of that is surprising to me.

      And no, I do not think for a second that the kid ever bullied the dog.

      Hate to break it to you, but some dogs are naturally aggressive. This one obviously was

    • James C

      PARTLY Blame the owner for letting the dog loose? How about COMPLETELY blame the owner for letting the dog loose? It’s against the law in most places to have your dog loose in the street like that. For good reason – you can see why.

  • James C

    I’m amazed at the stupidity of people who leave comments. Here’s what’s painfully crystal clear to me. This family had security cameras (As I do). The mother was in the garage which was open. Their front door was next to the garage. The cameras caught this from different angles because they were set up to do so (that’s what security cameras do). When the mother went running for the dog to make sure he kept going, the boy ran for the front door to go inside. The cat is a hero. Any animal raised with violence in any form will attack, not just Pitts. Is this so complicated that you idiots cannot see this as clearly as I do?

    • kim Hawthorne

      Thank you for being on of they few people who lives in reality and doesn’t make ridiculous accusations or excuses for the dog attacking the child somehow being the child’s fault.

  • Friska Streeter

    What happened to the dog next? Did he get put down? So weird that the kid wasn’t even near the dog at that time. what made the dog snap like that? Looks like a red code behavior from the dog part. The owner need Cesar Milan. :) Where was the owner of the dog? Why was the dog was off the leash if the dog was an aggressive dog? Was the owner receive some kind of punishment for it? So many unanswered questions..I am just glad it was not a pit bull, so then everyone knows that it doesn’t matter the breed is, what matter is the owner behind the dogs. I am a dog person,but I must admit this cat rocks! Actually I love cats too and every living things, I just do not want to own one because I do know what to do with it. Too independent of a pet..LOL.

    • Friska Streeter

      Sorry for my grammar, everyone! I read it back and there were a lot of grammar mistakes..LOL..anyway, sad that the dog had to be euthanize. But I do not blame the law for it. It’s still the owner mistakes, so he/she should get punishment also.

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