WATCH: Caleb Johnson slays ‘Dazed and Confused’ on American Idol

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Asheville’s Caleb Johnson brought back “Dazed and Confused” on Wednesday night’s Top 3 episode of American Idol.

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    • Jerry Krause

      Here is what this has worked up to: As any true rocker and music enthusiast knows, the 80’s rock began years earlier with Led Zeppelin in lead. As with anything else even perfection has its time. The thing we call modern age is a never ending metamorphosis. The beep pop and rat noise, with all its hate and destruction, arguably have been the worse days of the past but ever changing modern age. The 80’s rock will not come back in the same perfection as the past. But that does not mean a very like version of it is not around the corner, with a modern twist to it. Something compared to what U2 and Nickleback did for us. Caleb Johnson is an endless wonder in reminding us of the 80’s rock. He has shown us that he is capable of taking it to the next step (in the process helping to lead the way), now all he has to do is figure out how to mix U2 and Nickleback with a modern twist for a new perfection. That is why Caleb is this season’s American Idol winner. Don’t be left behind (Smiling). P.S. Caleb at the finale is going to take the roof off the place!

  • BMurphy

    I was never an Idol watcher but this year Caleb has me hooked. They are all great musicians, and like ALL artists, they eac have a style that suits them best. Alex is a writer, singer and all around artist. Jena sings with passion, but Caleb preforms and really puts himself on the stage. I love and listen most all types of music. From classical to rock, blues, bluegrass and country. I think Cleb is the complete package. His voice has got depth, power and resonates throughout the venue. I would love to hear him sing a really good hard driving vocal such as “Weathered” by Creed. My opinion and I’m sticking with it.

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