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Tired of your arm falling asleep in bed? Introducing the ‘Cuddle Mattress’

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PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) — Type the words “arm falls asleep when cuddling” into Google and you may be shocked at the results.

There are more than 2 million hits explaining and offering solutions to this age-old problem. And there’s actually a scientific name for it – radial neuropathy, otherwise known as “honeymoon palsy.”

Now, a Portland-area designer is offering a new solution for those who love the art of spooning, but hate when their arm falls asleep: the Cuddle Mattress.

Mehdi Mojtabavi, who moved to Portland from Iran in 2007, designed a mattress that was essentially sliced into pieces, making it possible to slip your arm between the slats to relieve all the cuddling pressure.

In 2007, Mojtabavi’s idea won a prestigious Red Dot Award – like the Academy Awards for designers – and suddenly, the Cuddle Mattress went viral.

“Within a week of publication of that award, we had like 72 million web pages in Google (that) could be found,” he said.

This April, Mojtabavi’s dream finally became a reality. Assembled in a Portland warehouse, the first limited batch of 50 Cuddle Mattresses sold out immediately, and there’s a waiting list of people who want one of their own.

And as it turns out, the Cuddle Mattress doesn’t just make sense for cuddlers, it also enticed side-sleepers who think the Cuddle Mattress could ease their shoulder pain.

Mojtabavi is now looking for investors in hopes of growing his small operation so he can compete with the mattress big boys.

If you pre-order a mattress, it will cost you $1,500. Retail price is $1,799.

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