Shocking motorcyle crash caught on red light camera

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MISSOURI — Police have released some intense video of a motorcycle and van colliding, sending the biker and his shoes flying.

Britt Hamilton, 20, who was on the motorcycle, said he had the green light and that the van didn't yield like it was supposed to.

Excelsior Springs police said the driver who hit the motorcyclist had a learner's permit.

Hamilton said he hit his brakes, but that it was too late.

Excelsior Springs police released the video that shows the moment of the intense impact.

Hamilton's fiancée and his 10-month-old baby girl were in the car behind him during the crash.

Luckily, Hamilton, who was wearing a helmet, walked away with minor injuries.

Source: CNN/KCTV


  • Cindy

    A horrible accident to see, however, I am so glad to see that he didn’t get seriously hurt! Such a beautiful family! People need to pay attention to the yield signs! They are there for a reason!

  • Cin

    This is what us motorcycle riders have to watch for EVERY single time we get on our bikes. WE have to ride as if we are invisible because motorists DO NOT pay attention. Do you know how many people we see daily texting and driving distracted, we’ve learned to notice a distracted driver just about as well as the LEO. They are more noticeable than a drunk driver. Look twice, pay attention when your driving your vehicle you may just save my life one day.

  • B

    She had a learners permit so it did hurt her chances of receiving a license for another 6 months depending on the laws in Missouri. Failure to yield to an MC is a higher fine than if it were a passenger car. The laws were recently changed when there’s a MC involved.

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