Remains of Kelli Bordeaux recovered in Fayetteville, suspect in custody

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. -- The remains of missing Army medic PFC Kelli Bordeaux have been recovered near Fayetteville and a suspect has been arrested in the case, police confirmed during a news conference on Wednesday afternoon.

The remains were found in a deeply wooded area one-mile north of Interstate 295 on River Road about five miles from Froggy Bottoms bar, where Bordeaux was last seen, according to police.

Police said they believe Bordeaux was deceased prior to being placed in the wooded area.

Police also confirmed Nicholas Michael Holbert has been arrested in the case.

Holbert, a convicted sex offender, has been a person of interest in the case "since the beginning," police said.

kelli1Holbert reportedly gave Bordeaux a ride home from the Froggy Bottoms bar on April 14, 2012, where she sang karaoke with friends.

Police previously questioned Holbert twice and initially ruled him out as a person of interest.

Bordeaux was last seen around 1:40 a.m. on April 14, 2012. When she failed to report for duty two days later, she was reported missing.

In a 2012 interview with WTVD, Holbert admitted he drove Bordeaux home on April 14, 2012, but he denied having anything to do with her disappearance.

The spot Holbert claimed he dropped off Bordeaux is about a quarter mile from her apartment on Water Trail Drive. He claimed he figured there might be someone at the apartment she didn't want him to see, so he left.

Nicholas Michael Holbert

"Around one, one-thirty, she told me 'I'm tired. I want to go home.' I said 'Okay,' so we got in the car and as soon as I pulled into Meadowbrook, she said 'You stop right here and let me out. I'll walk,'" Holbert told WTVD.

"Did you kill her?" asked a reporter at WTVD. "I did not," said Holbert. Holbert is now charged with first-degree murder. He's a registered sex offender who was convicted as a 16-year-old of indecent liberties with a 5-year-old child. He's been in and out of jail over the past two years.

"We are deeply saddened that the discovery of the apparent remains of Army Spc. Kelli Bordeaux now concludes our final hopes of her returning safely," said Col. Christian Karsner, Chief of Staff, Task Force Bragg.

"Our new hope is that her family, members of her unit and her friends will take some comfort from this news and the degree of closure it may bring, as well as the information that this discovery may reveal," Karsner said.

Kelli Bordeaux was assigned to the 601st Area Support Medical Company, 44th Medical Brigade and served as a combat medic. She was last seen departing an establishment in Fayetteville, N.C., on April 14, 2012, under suspicious circumstances.

"The entire 261st Multifunctional Medical Battalion is deeply saddened by the news that the presumed remains of SPC Kelli Bordeaux have been found," said Lt. Col Heather A. Kness, Bordeaux's battalion commander. "Kelli was and always will be a very special member of our battalion."

fsdfasdfasdf"She and her family have remained close in our hearts since Kelli last stood in our formation in April 2012," Kness added. "We honor her memory and will always remember her vibrant spirit, her love of life and her loyal and dedicated service to our Army and nation as a combat medic."

Fayetteville police said that they are continuing to investigate, and the location where Bordeaux's remains were found is an active crime scene.

"We are very grateful to the tireless work of the Fayetteville Police Department, Army Criminal Investigation Command Special Agents and all of the many community volunteers who gave of themselves in the ongoing attempts to locate Spc. Bordeaux," Karsner said. "We remain committed to helping this Fort Bragg Soldier's family with all that we can provide in the way of needed assistance and ensuring the circumstances of her death are fully investigated."


  • Tracey

    If she was with her friends at the bar and had a husband, why did she get to the car with Holbert? Somethings missing from this story. She made it thru basic training and couldn’t take this punk, he probably drugs her drinks. Send him to a couple of army brothers, they’ll take read good care of him! Then send his remain to prison if there are any and let them finish him off! RIP

    • james

      Do we need to go back to school? or maybe finish? It’s irritating as hell when someone want’s to run their mouth but don’t even have enough education to use at least decent

      • Troll

        Yes, it is irritating when someone “wants” to run their mouth, but “doesn’t” have enough education. Laugh out loud.

      • FaithC

        hey James mr. grammar police. it’s improper “grammar” to use “don’t” in that statement you just made. it’s more “educated” to use doesn’t in this sentence. priceless!!

  • FaithC

    He is total scum, he needs to spend the rest of his sorry life in jail. Really it would be better if he never took another breath.

    • ilovemykids

      Kenny if he was found guilty of sexually molesting a 5 year old child, he more than likely is the right person. He’s a sick and twisted individual that shouldn’t have been free anyway. Perhaps if our laws with child molesters were not so leanient, this young lady would still be alive. However, he was out and free and in the process, this beautiful lady lost her life. I hope he gets what he deserves….he should be raped everyday for the rest of his life while in jail….bend over buddy and let Tiny get a piece of your a$$ since you like to hurt innocent girls. What a POS. I pray that her family can finally have closure and put her to rest. And for those of you that I may have offended w/ my Tiny comment, sorry but I don’t like child molesters and I sure as hell hope karma gets hers!

    • shaina

      Why didn’t investigators find dna evidence at the bar or at the campsite. There is something wrong here.

  • John Smith

    ilovemykids if he was your kid you would declare him innocent go after the prosecutors and justice system- all us parents do that.

  • Mike W

    If we would do public execution I would think it would make some people think before they do this kind of stuff.

  • KK

    I have to wonder why this young lady got into a car with a stranger when she was out with a friends–and when there are plenty of cabs in Fayetteville. I lived there when this happened and it’s a rough town, with more bad neighborhoods than good. Just goes to show you that you CANNOT trust people, especially a stranger you met in a bar. I hope young women see this story and keep Kelli in mind when they go out–you never really know anyone, I’m sure Kelli never suspected that the guy she met was a child molester and capable of murder. RIP Kelli : (

  • john bsgley

    This is john bagley I called the fayetteville police department on 4 10. 2014 and called in a tip that I was told Kelly Bordeaux was some were on or off high way 295 that has been 4 weeks ago never heard back from fayetteville police did not know any thing about a 25000 dollar reward till today I thank I could get that reward I do not thank they would have found her today with out my tip 4 weeks ago on 4. 10. 2014 I am john bagley from lillingtonyou can call me if need to 9102420814 thanks john bagley

      • john bsgley

        Well my son told me me that some guy calling him self ray.ray said she was some were on that 295 high way so when I was told this I reported it to fayetteville police department on 4 10. 2014 at 11:49 pm that is how know ed what to reported thanks john

      • john bsgley

        And one more thing on your comment my heart feels good now for reported what I was told on 4 10 2014 well what was told to me well it was half right any way they found her off that 295 and that is what I told the police so I do not care: what you thank it is not up to you any way I just let them know what was told to me and i hope it help them in this case

    • shaina

      My name is Shaina…for the past two years I have been deeply saddened by this case. My mother, her boyfriend, and I were at Froggy Bottoms of the night she went missing. I seen Gilbert and was one of the 13 or so people there that night. I have contacted the lead detective assigned to this case three times over the course of two years. Not one time was my mother, her boyfriend or I investigated or asked any questions that may have lead to a prompt closure to this case. I find it odd that I an not the only one that has encountered this same issue

  • john bsgley

    I am so glad the tip I give 4 weeks ago help fine Kelly do not know why fayetteville police department has not contacted me yet on the tip I give on 4 10 2014 at 11:49 pm about Kelly maybe they will later do not know who the officer I talked to on 4 10 bit they know who she was I am john bagley

      • john bsgley

        All I can say is that was all i was told just reported what l was told on 4 10 2014 were if help or not I so glad they found her I have kids all so and also I was in law enforcement 14 year I was a security enforcement. Officer thanks john

  • Tim

    What gets me is why this dude was on the street in the first place. Convicted of child molestation regardless of what age should equal you never walk the street again. Thats my opinion, but then again I am just a little biased simply because I am retired Army.

  • Teacher preacher

    I attended Fayetteville State University in 1980 very rough down on Hay Street and I am very sorry this lowdown scum of this earth took your daughter!!!!

  • Teacher preacher

    I attended Fayetteville State University in 1980 very rough down on Hay Street and I am very sorry this lowdown scum of this earth took your daughter!!!! And Kelli will always remain in our heart and never forgotton even though I did not know here she touched my soul” I lived in Louisanna and the last name is inbedded!!!!!

  • Teacher preacher

    Anybody that does harm to human weather sexual desire or whatever is a devil in human flesh and no mercy should be given only if person has to take drastic measures to save life!!!

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