No charges against bus driver after family claims child was tied down

kid tied down

LEXINGTON, N.C. — The District Attorney’s Office is declining to press charges in Davidson County after a family complained that their son, who has special needs, was tied down on a school bus.

Assistant District Attorney Greg Brown says the Sheriff’s Department provided him the full investigationĀ file including three video recordings of surveillance on the school bus.

The state is declining prosecution in this matter, Brown said.

Brown said heĀ came to the conclusion that the bus driver and the aide on the bus “did not show criminal intent in the actions they participated in.” He also said the red marks on the child’s arms were almost or completely gone by the time the boy arrived at school.

Brown also said there was no bruising on the child’s body.

Brown said he was also able to see and hear the interactions between the aide and the school bus driver while they secured the child. He said there was “no struggle, no force used, and no fear in the child’s eyes.”

“Both the bus driver and aide used quiet and kind voices,” he added, and said they seemed interested in the safety of the child.

Brown said their actions may have violated school bus policies, but he did not feel it involved criminal behavior.

Donna Stafford, the public information officer for Davidson County Schools, confirmed the bus monitor, Alton Jefferies, has been terminated. He was dismissed on April 14.


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