NC woman charged with animal cruelty after dogs die in hot car

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WAKE FOREST, N.C. — A Franklinton woman has been charged with animal cruelty after police say she left her dogs in a hot car while she shopped at Walmart Wednesday.

Both dogs reportedly died.

Jennifer King, 34, left her dogs unattended in the car for about two hours while she shopped around noon.

Officials say temperature inside of the car reached up to 120 degrees.

Source: WTVD


  • WoW!

    Couple problems with this story. 1- Sorry the dogs had to suffer in the heat and are gone. 2- Who shops at Wal-Mart for TWO HOURS?

  • sissy

    What is wrong with people.. 2 hours in walmart??? Then to take your dog’s. People need to learn to use some common sense. Plus people should have seen them or heard them.. call the cops!!! Or better yet break out a window..that is a law now!!! This is a very sad story that this woman was that selfish

    • anom

      I agree, I hope she’ll receive some time but it still want be enough, I’d like to leave her in the car for two hours. I am shocked the dogs werent barking and someone saw them. I actually leave the car running with a/c!! nothing is too good for my babies. SUZIE’S LAW

  • BJ

    Why do people take their animals with them on hot days??? Can someone PLEASE tell me how they find this SMART?? Further more…2 hours in Wal-mart….even someone shopping for a few months worth of groceries could get it done within less time. This is really very sad and even worst to think that this is only the beginning of the “hot days”. So, more “stupidity” is yet to come.

  • Leslie Chaney

    This is one of those stories that make you wonder who dresses this idiot every morning . How stupid do you gotta be to tell yourself thst this is a good option ? She doesn’t deserve to be responsible for living things . Let’s just hope she doesn’t have kids too .

    • Dana

      She did have kids. There was a carseat in the back. I saw this poor dead pug in the car after an employee showed me waiting for authorities. It was around 11:30 a.m. The windows were slightly cracked on one side only. I was told someone saw it, reported it and they had been trying to page the owner while contacting authorities. I then saw the woman when she finally was found. I was sad to hear it was actually 2 dogs. I was already dealing with seeing the one in that state.

    • MTG

      I would bet money she has kids. People who shouldn’t have kids always do. I’ll never understand it.

  • Cindy

    I would like to leave her in a hot car and see how long it takes her to die the way the poor dogs did…She had a smirk on her face in the mugshot !

    • Rosmarie Downs

      Cindy!! I saw that smirk too!! I fear for her children and I hope she is put on some sort of national list with rescue groups and legit breeders, so that she is never again allowed to have ANY DOG OF ANY KIND, EVER!

  • H

    HOW do people not know dogs will DIE in a hot car??????????? Even if they have no common sense, do they never watch or read the news?! Poor doggies. RIP.

  • FaithC

    If I see a dog in a car on a hot day, I give the owner 5 minutes to show up, if they don’t I call the cops. If they do show up in those 5 minutes I give them h*ell. You be surprised how many people will agree with you and gather around to let the pet owner know how stupid their actions are.

  • AndeeDawn

    I just don’t know where common sense has gone. What is wrong with people today? I would leave MYSELF in a hot car for 1 minute on a hot day, much less my precious, defenseless pets.

  • llw

    The sad part is that WalMart allows dogs in the stores now so she could have taken them inside. This is terrible, she should never be allowed to own another animal of any kind.

    • Sarah

      Walmart only allows service dogs inside the building. I only know this because I had to take my little dog (who weighs 6 pounds) to the vet, and I had errands to run, which included going to walmart and to the hardware store, where dogs are allowed. So I though I would bring my dog in because it was about 90 degrees out. I took him and went to ask the lady and she said that the dog couldn’t come in, even if it was for just a moment. So I asked her if I would just ask the manager on staff and she said the same thing to me. She told me that since they have food in the building that it is simply not allowed by law. If they didn’t serve food then it wouldn’t be a problem in most establishments. So I took my dog home and then proceeded with my shopping. Although, I think that if people have a little carrier for a small dog, then the dog should be allowed inside. That’s just me though. It’s the same thing with Home Depot. lol I called the manager once and said “Can I bring my dog in?” he said “Well.. The sign on the front of the building tells us that you can’t… but since everyone completely ignores that sign, I guess you can.” lol Like, you’re not supposed to do it, but no one will say anything to you if you do. ;) So I did! But I agree with what everyone is saying. Too hot is too hot. Don’t take your babies out in the hot and leave them in the car! That is just irresponsible!

  • dobydog1

    stupid stupid idiot. they need to see about taking her kids away from also. if she will leave her dogs to die she could also leave her kids. if a business allows kids they should allow pets. I know my dog is cleaner and better behaved then most people’s kids.

    • Animals Advocate


  • Janetta Bass Baker

    I carry a brick with me, just for occasions like this…..leave your dog in a hot car and chances are if I see it your side window will be shattered and your dogs will be the property of the nearest rescue able to take them….

  • Animals Advocate

    Sooo… she has been charged!!! Question is,, what is going to be done??? Let’s see?? Hummmmm, how about we leave he sorry piece of#!#!# self in a hot car and see if she survives!! I will be glad to be the one to set and watch her

  • Pat velden

    What a fugly skank! I heard she also deprived these dogs of water and food! There should be a law that anyone charged with animal abuse can NEVER own another animal!

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