Guilford County approves budget proposal, including pay raise for board members

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GREENSBORO, N.C. — The Guilford County Board of Education approved a budget proposal Tuesday night that would increase class sizes and eliminate some teacher positions.

Two changes were made Wednesday, including a pay raise for Board of Education members and voting not to reduce teacher assistant work days by four and a half days.

The County Manager will present the budget to commissioners on May 22.


  • Just a thought...

    That sounds about right…our education system gets worse and worse and those helping to make it worse and worse gives themselves a raise. Its disgusting what has been allowed to happen to our schools. Stick these board members in a room of 30 students and no assistant… they couldnt handle it. We can pay movie stars and sports stars crazy amount of money… guess we should tell our kids to take those career routes and then you dont need higher education…

  • Stephen

    LOL! Typical poitician. Cut everything else, but be sure to get that self imposed pay raise in. Vote them ALL out!

  • Chucky

    Just when you think they couldn’t possibly be any dumber, they go and proove you wrong. If there isn’t, there should be crminal charges that can be filed against a government body that gives themselves raises while making personel cuts.

  • Stephen

    Why isn’t voting on your own pay raise a conflict of interest? Let the people vote on their pay raises!

  • B

    Yep, board members need a raise so that they are able to make good decisions about our students low achievement scores. That’s why everyone wants to be on a board just to say I’m on the school board and on top of that they get pay raises. It’s a great life and I bet they get free meals and mini-vacations when meetings are held at resorts. Some people do have money trees.

  • Chucky

    Dear parents of Guilford County,

    Your children’s education and comfort at school is not as important to us as our income. We have decided to give ourselves a raise in lieu of upgrading or replacing HVAC systems in our schools or continuing to employee some of the teachers and assistants that you and your children cherish.

    Please continue to vote for us or not vote against us to support our income as we really, really need it.

    The Guilford County Commissioners

  • Chucky

    Dear parents of Guilford County,

    We take our jobs very seriously and consider our duties to be very important as we are the ones who raise your children. It is necessary, for that reason, that we give ourselves a raise this year.

    Rest assured, we are keeping your children in mind though. We are planning to ask the citizens of Guilford County to pass another bond referendum that we can use for whatever we should need… not limited to repairs or new schools of course.

    Thank you,
    The Guilford County School Board

  • FaithC

    Is there not a way to vote them out now? A recall, something? Don’t think it would be hard to do, can’t think of anybody who would be against it.

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