Dr. Ben Carson visits Triad, talks to Kerry Charles

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Dr. Ben Carson is a famed neurosurgeon who may be best known for successfully separating twins who were conjoined at the brain back in 1987.

Carson says he was destined to work in the medical field. In fact, as a kid he enjoyed going to the doctor's office and visiting emergency rooms.

"To me, everytime I saw something about medicine on television ... it just grabbed me immediately my attention was there I wanted to know more and more about it," Carson said.

That's also what Dr. Carson told a group of Guilford County high schoolers who gathered in High Point. His goal: to encourage and inspired.

In an interview with Kerry Charles, Carson talked about what he would tell his 18-year-old self.

"I would say it's very, important to recognize how fast time goes by and never to put things off to go ahead engage in whatever you see yourself doing and throw yourself fully into it and success is very likely to follow," Dr. Carson said.

Success followed Carson, who grew up in Detroit. His 2013 speech at the National Prayer Breakfast fired up conservatives.

During his sit down with Kerry Charles, he talked about the Affordable Care Act.

"I totally agree that we have a responsibility as compassionate citizens to take care of anyone 27 so, I am for universal health coverage," Dr. Carson said.

He also talked about the crisis in Ukraine and international affairs.

Watch the full interview below: