2-year-old Ga. girl dies after getting locked in mother’s car

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ATLANTA (WGCL) — A 2-year-old girl has died after somehow getting locked in their mother’s car in Clarkston.

Police say the mother came home to the English Oaks Apartments on Church Street with her 2-year-old twins just before 3 Monday afternoon.

The mother reportedly took one child inside to change its diaper and told her sister-in-law to watch the other play outside.

Clarkston police say for some unknown reason, the sister-in-law got distracted.

The car door had been left open and the toddler climbed in and somehow the door closed, trapping the child inside.

Police say it was an hour before anyone realized the little girl was missing. The mother and sister-in-law looked for the toddler and found the child in the car, but she was not breathing.

The mother ran to a neighbor who called 911, and someone on the scene started CPR on the child.

The toddler was taken to the hospital and later died.

On Tuesday, police said no charges would be filed in the incident. Investigators say the sister-in-law did not notice the child had climbed back into the car.

Clarkston police continue to investigate this case.


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