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Man in custody after making threats inside Sen. Hagan’s office

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Greensboro officials said a Russian immigrant was arrested after making a threatening comment to employees at Senator Kay Hagan’s Greensboro office on Tuesday.

Yakov Izrailevick Mamut, 60, was in the office at 701 Green Valley Road for a pre-scheduled appointment when he apparently became frustrated, according to officials.

Mamut speaks limited English and was allegedly using the office’s Language Line to Capturekjhelp resolve his complaints.

After becoming dissatisfied with the progress of his issue, Mamut allegedly said through the Language Line employee words to effect of “I have nothing loose. I might as well shoot someone.”

An office employee called 911 at shortly before 11 a.m. and police arrived and took the suspect into custody. He was not carrying a weapon.

The suspect has been charged with communicating threats and has been banned from Senator Hagan’s offices.

The senator was not in the office at the time of the event and is currently in Washington, D.C. No one was injured.

Greensboro police notified United States Capitol Police who are conducting a threat assessment, as is standard when an alleged threat is made towards members of Congress.

Mamut’s last known address was 1373 Lees Chapel Road in Greensboro.


  • Thomas Noell

    Actually, I’m glad to see some right-wing push-back. Leftists have used violence, intimidation, and threats to bully conservatives in Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas, and with the unlawful Moral Mondays protests in Raleigh in the last year, so it is good to see liberals like Kay Hagan get a taste of the protests that they have inspired and supported in our polarized nation in recent years..

    • Zombiekiller

      It’s not a protest to go into an office building and pretend you have a weapon. Geeez how dumb are you? F Hagan but you seem to be advocating violence.

  • SINNER 3

    Kinda off course their Johny !! Did you come up with that rant all by yourself !! Reads like you been working on it awhile!! But !! You covered all the DEM. points and insults pretty well !!

  • Richard Nance

    @johnsmith: Hey Genius, there are far more Demoratt Millionaires across the country & especially in Congress then Republicans, you’re just stupid enough to believe the Liberal Media that spews that Propaganda 24/7, its Left Wingers like you that voted for the Present Lying Regime that got the country into this mess, but in November that will change when the GOP wins the Majority in both Houses, lol, lol

    • dewey

      this country was a mess when he got it…..and the gop has done everything in their power since to maintain the status quo…..except for themselves

  • MarineDad

    The Obama Administrations agenda is to destroy this Country and the Democratic Party is like a bunch of blind mice covering up and supporting every lie and every stupid idea they have. you Kool-Aid drinkers need to sober up and see what is going on!!

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