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Dog saves blind man from house fire

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ODESSA, Texas – A blind man was rescued after a fire started in his home – but it wasn’t a fire alarm that woke him up – it was his dog.

A towel accidentally left on the stove caused a fire around 4 a.m. Saturday at Charles Kennedy’s home in Odessa, Texas.

Kennedy is legally blind and doesn’t have a smoke alarm. His dog Jack woke him up, licking his face.

Kennedy quickly called 911 and officers were dispatched to his home, helping him in the situation.

One-year-old Jack never left Kennedy’s side – even as he was put on a stretcher.


  • David Hedgecock

    Dogs are an amazing creature. Truly they are a gift from God. I know of no other creature that is so devoted and selfless if he’s just loved and cared for from birth. Many dogs have laid down their lives for their Masters. They are an example of selfless service and devotion. There are so many ways that they serve us humans and there are many who believe that dogs chose us to partner with rather than the other way around. It is certainly a mutually benificial relationship.

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