Page High needs new heating, cooling systems; school doesn’t have funding

GREENSBORO, N.C. – After 32 years of wear and tear, the two boilers that heat Page High School are on their last legs.

“They’re not operable anymore,” said Gerald Greeson, director of maintenance for Guilford County Schools.

The cost to replace them is $500,000, not to mention replacing one of the school’s chillers which provides air conditioning, which just broke down.

“Instead of 72, we’re pushing 80 degrees in a lot of these classrooms,” Greeson said.

The cost to replace it is a quarter of a million dollars.

Greeson says a lack of funding has caused district-wide problems with heating and air conditioning at most Guilford County schools.

Right now, 35 boilers at schools within the district are more than 40 years old. About a dozen roofs need replacing.

“Unfortunately, we don’t have the funding,” Greeson said.

The district’s superintendent has proposed a $10 million increase to their budget for maintenance needs.

Currently, the district only gets $2 million.

“We need to get this back on track,” said Alan Duncan, chairman of Guilford County Schools Board of Education.

Duncan says funding for capital projects has been slashed over the past five years.

“Those are expensive items for big buildings so there’s an ongoing significant need,” Duncan said.

The budget request, which will include funding for schools, will be presented to County Commissioners on May 22.

County commissioners have until July 1 to approve a final budget.


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