Page High needs new heating, cooling systems; school doesn’t have funding

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – After 32 years of wear and tear, the two boilers that heat Page High School are on their last legs.

"They're not operable anymore," said Gerald Greeson, director of maintenance for Guilford County Schools.

The cost to replace them is $500,000, not to mention replacing one of the school's chillers which provides air conditioning, which just broke down.

"Instead of 72, we're pushing 80 degrees in a lot of these classrooms," Greeson said.

The cost to replace it is a quarter of a million dollars.

Greeson says a lack of funding has caused district-wide problems with heating and air conditioning at most Guilford County schools.

Right now, 35 boilers at schools within the district are more than 40 years old. About a dozen roofs need replacing.

"Unfortunately, we don't have the funding," Greeson said.

The district’s superintendent has proposed a $10 million increase to their budget for maintenance needs.

Currently, the district only gets $2 million.

"We need to get this back on track," said Alan Duncan, chairman of Guilford County Schools Board of Education.

Duncan says funding for capital projects has been slashed over the past five years.

"Those are expensive items for big buildings so there's an ongoing significant need," Duncan said.

The budget request, which will include funding for schools, will be presented to County Commissioners on May 22.

County commissioners have until July 1 to approve a final budget.


  • stinger90

    Here again..what’s happening to the money..? hope the people playing it and voted for it see’s what it is. Teacher’s are not!

    • news2me

      What happens to the money?

      hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..I wonder…

      Millions and Millions and Millions and Millions spent on

      There was an administrator that was able to fool some people into paying him double for a real Paper Mill Diploma,,,,and a “not real Moving Company.”…

      I wonder what Rug that stuff is under because the public is so not aware.

      You have excellent teachers in Guildford….but they have not seen a dime of the Money that has been Racing to the Top!!!!!! (It is in someone’s back pocket)

      If Page had no heat…no air…no walls..the teachers would find a way to teach those children ……..

      and……….. that is just what the ones that sit in the luxurious chairs with their mahogany desks ….(and computers that work) ….. drinking Starbuck’s best and eating exorbitant meals….are hoping the teachers will continue to do.

  • Joseph

    There’s no money for needed repairs at the schools, Page needs a heating/cooling unit and Grimsley’s pool is still condemned, however, Greensboro will have a shiney new $50 million GPAC that we don’t need, especially since it will compete with a coliseum that we put a roof on, not too long ago.

  • news2me

    Teachers can teach if the building falls down….

    They are used to old dilapidated outdated buildings..antiquated technology and the lack of supplies..

    It costs money to house our children and they are certainly not worth the $$$ $pent ……or so it seems.

    The money would be circulated back into Greensboro’s economy and that would be a good thing.,..but….the “Powers on the Top of the Mountain” can not see the Forest for the Trees…Obviously..

  • Cheer Mom

    Yea, well mine is broke and I don’t have the money to buy a new one or fix it either….maybe I will hit up the same ones who bail them out.

  • sophie

    WHY? Why isn’t there money for this? We keep throwing tax dollars at education and not one thing improves. There’s always a problem that only more money can fix. Our tax dollars are lining somebody’s pockets, so who belongs to those pockets? What about the “education lottery”? Folks, money is being pi$$ed away at an alarming rate and it’s NEVER enough.

  • Sinner

    Seems like Guilford County needs to see if the Museum people can spare some cash from their free money !!Do any of the city and county loans ever get paid back !! I know it is tax payer money so we will just take some more its FREE !!

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