Badly burned dog found in Greensboro continues to recover

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RALEIGH, N.C. – A badly burned dog rescued in Guilford County continues to recover after undergoing five hours of surgery Tuesday at North Carolina State University.

Officials said Toby suffered burns to 50 percent of his body. During his surgery, the vet had to take skin from the tip of Toby’s ear to reconstruct his right eyelid.

Toby has already had his left eye removed and still has a small area behind his neck that needs some work.

Toby was brought to the Guilford County Animal Shelter last month. Workers said a woman found him abandoned and burned in a yard near Battleground Avenue in Greensboro.

It remains uncertain who hurt the dog. Police are treating this as an animal cruelty case.

Toby will continue to stay at N.C. State for about two weeks. The dog is said to be making progress.


  • Kay

    so glad he is going ok..bless his heart.I hope they find who did this and get the max they can get. This has to stop.

    • FaithC

      I’d love to find this s.o.b. that did this to this poor animal I’d bury him or her in my backyard after I tortured them for hours.

  • Thomas Noell

    Amen, Kay. I can’t believe the sick people who mistreat animals like this poor dog. The more and more I read of stories like this, the less faith I have in humanity!

  • Jim

    It seems interesting GCAC seems to get a large number of horrendous cases like this. They put down over 6,000 dogs yearly – I must question the true reasons why they’d chose to spend so much on one, while still killing so many others? I am an animal advocate, more so than most I know, I am 100% for animal rescue, however, this is a question of common sense. Many questions behind gcac…

    • Christine

      Completely agree with you…it seems to me he could have been spared months of pain and the 15+ thousand could have been used to save MANY MANY more animals than one dog. Think of how many free spays or neuters could have been done saving hundreds of thousands of animals lives…. But I guess if they wouldn’t raise the same amount of money if they didn’t parade around those tormented and abused animals.

      • preppyprefer

        Its a 501(c)(3) group that is paying for his surgeries. Since the group is non profit and functions off donations, it can spend the money treating animals as it sees fit, in compliance to their mission statement and based on a vet’s advice. It’s not Animal Control or the shelter’s money that is paying for the care, it is a group. So in response to why money is being spent on this dog and not spaying and neutering other dogs and cats, because it is a completely different and separate group that is doing the funding. It is the same with the German Shepherd that was brought into the shelter a few months ago, a private organization stepped forward and said they wanted to fund the dogs treatment and they are doing just that. This is not an issue of misappropriated funds that could have saved many many other animals as you put it, but a group that’s sole purpose is to pay for the medical treatment of animals who would not otherwise get the treatment or surgeries they need. If you want to worry about spay neutering, because over population is a huge problem and fixing animals would greatly reduce the number of kittens and puppies going into shelters and being put down, then I suggest you look up the many groups in Greensboro/Triad that are dedicated to low cost or free spay/neutering. Because while you and Jim are worries about all the “tremendous” cost being spent to help these animals, you are both over looking the simple fact that private organizations, donors, and non profits are actually paying for the treatment. So before you judge what is “common sense” on money being spent on what, I suggest you look up who is paying for things. I think you will be surprised at how much organizations pay for and do for shelters in order to keep these animals alive and get them the treatment and medical attention they desperately need

  • anom

    Maybe we should hunt down the guy that burned Suzie! This cruelty has got to stop!!! Maybe we could start doing unto others!!

  • wild man

    this makes me mad as hell when i see a dog treated this way i hope the person that done this burns in hell no animals need to be treated this way sorry but this makes me sick

  • Christine

    Preppyprefer OK so some of his treatment costs r being paid by a rescue but the shelter is also taking in donations towards his care. Just seems like the shelter only is willing to put forth the extra effort if it can help them or make them look good. My personal feeling is that this poor dog is suffering horribly so someone can use him as an example.

    • preppyprefer

      I’ve worked and volunteered in animal rescue for over 12 years and I can say that if you view it as parading an animal for donations then this is incredibly sad and you do not understand the point of telling an animal’s story. The point of letting people know about this horrible cases is to yes, get money for the treatment, but also to show this type of stuff does happen, bring awareness. You would be amazed at how many people I have met who believe overpopulation or animal abuse is a “myth” its very similar to people who believe the Holocaust never happen. Really all this evidence and you still don’t believe it? It’s like with puppy mills and awful breeders, many think puppy mills are few and far in between, but the sad truth is they are everywhere and unfortunately, protected by state laws. Groups pretty much have to show the terrible pictures to prove they are real and not being fabricated by some crazy animal lovers. Personally, I think before and afters work better because you can see the terrible before and the happy healthy rescue of a now loved animal.
      Furthermore, and this is true for many charities and fundraisers not just animal related, many people who donate money want to know a specific cause or case the donation is going to, not just here Humane Society here is $50 use it how you see fit. When people see an animal that has been mistreated and they can see and know their money is going directly to this animal it makes people more willing to donate. It parallels natural disasters, people see a natural disaster and donate specifically to organizations helping those affected by the disaster. Why does it take a disaster to get people to donate? Or a holiday? They same reason it can take an abuse or neglect story to get people to donate, they want to see their money is going to something specific, not just into a bank account to be used on stamps or paper that spay neuter vouchers are printed on.The rescues I worked and volunteer with do tell abuse and neglected animal stories, is it exploiting? No, is it trying to pay for something we otherwise couldn’t? yes. The highest donations come around the holidays, otherwise many rescues are very strapped for cash unless they happen to be in large cities with 6 or 7 figure populations. But realistically and what may surprise many people, most rescues are run by people in their “spare” time, it is not their job, but something they want to do. Rescues, while there are a good number, are small, overworked, and overloaded with animals in need of homes and facing euthanization. Rescues have to make tough decisions on do I pull an animal from animal control that could die, or take this puppy that the person is otherwise going to dump at animal control? Some rescues specialize in paying for treatment of animals like Susie’s Fund and the Sergei Foundation, while others concentrate on no kill or spay neuter. There are many different types of rescues out there and to question whether they are “using” Toby as a media tool is terrible. How else are they suppose to raise donations for treatment without telling Toby’s story. As I have said people donate the most during the holidays, particularly, Christmas, and since we are months away from December, they have to tell his story to get donations. How do you propose getting donations for a specific animal without telling the animals story? Because if there is a fundraising idea there to raise $7,000 in a matter of weeks without spending a dime I and other rescues would love to know because there are many many many animals that can benefit from that. Also, in the videos Toby is playing, giving kisses and even walking again. When he was first brought to the vet he was wagging his tail and giving kisses. Despite his pain, he was demonstrating signs he was going to be ok, so if anything, I say applaud the dog for being a fighter and having the will to live. The concentration should not be on using Toby as a “fundraising tool” because the money is going to him and his treatment, but who did this, where are they, and what can society do to pass laws for harsher punishments for people who injure and torture animals. Because while animal cruelty is a felony in all 50 states, you rarely see anyone doing more than 4 years for anything, and that is what should be discussed, not the raising of money to help Toby who clearly needs it

      • Kimberly Keil

        I Love your statements/comments! I back you 100%. Don’t you love how so many have a opinion and you can tell they have no true rescue experience by their words! Thank You for speaking up with honest facts and experience!

  • Ann-marie Humphries

    I believe an eye for an eye! I sincerely hope that the soulless monster / monsters are found and get the longest sentence and ban on ever owning a living creature again! Ideally they/them should be publicly put on fire, let 50% of the body get burned then put it out!! Then announce that is what the punishment for abusing animals and children would be!! But I know that all the “goody two shoes” would say ” oh no can’t do that it’s cruel” but if or when it happens to one of their loved ones or pet they’ll be the first to yell about it!!! I know I’m not the only one thats says punishment to suit the crime!!!

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