8-year-old girl helps deliver baby brother

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FLORIDA -- A baby boy has his sister to thank after the 8-year-old helped deliver him into the world Monday.

Krystal Garcia's labor only lasted six minutes and baby Joseph James Snyder was born. He was two weeks early.

His sister, Jazmine McEnaney, was right by their side helping.

The 8-year-old called 911 when her mother's started screaming on the bathroom floor.

"Our mommy is pregnant, and her water just broke," Jazmine told a 911 dispatcher Monday morning.

Garcia said she never would have made it to the phone.

The dispatcher said Jazmine screamed every time her mother did. But she talked the child through the process.

Jazmine made her mother comfortable on some towels and then unlocked the door when paramedics arrived.

"She definitely stayed calm when she needed to," said Garcia. "I was hysterical."

Baby J.J. and mom are doing well.

Source: WTXF


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