13-year-old carries twin sister over finish line at track meet

CaptufsfeTRENTON, Ill. — A 13-year-old girl in Illinois carried her twin sister over the finish line at a recent track meet, according to KTVI.

Chloe and Claire Gruenke, both 13, spent the weekend competing at the Southern Illinois State track meet. They were both running the 800-meter race when Chloe started having trouble.

“I felt something pull and pop in my thigh. Around the second lap, it hurt and I couldn’t go anymore and I fell to the ground,” Chloe said.

Then something really cool happened.

Claire carried Chloe for 370 of the 400 meters left in the race.

“It’s about showing compassion, love and sportsmanship. Even if you lose and help somebody it’s still worth it,” Claire said.

Chloe and Claire may have come in last in the 800 meter race, but the duo clearly won the hearts of everyone who watched the special moment.


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