NC mother accused driving drunk with child, crashing

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Emily Cunningham

STALLINGS, N.C. — A North Carolina mother was arrested after officials said she drove drunk with her 4-year-old in her minivan and crashed into a ditch.

WSOC-TV reported that Mint Hill resident Emily Cunningham was arrested Saturday night after she allegedly lost control of her minivan in Stallings.

Police said her son was in the backseat, but was not injured.

Officials said the suspect registered a 0.21 percent on the Breathalyzer test, nearly three times the 0.08 legal limit. She is also accused failing field sobriety tests.


  • B

    This happens all the time. Why report this case?? I keep reading over the article to see if I missed something.

  • its my business

    Did you miss that she was driving drunk with a 4 year old and hit a ditch? I know the legal limit is .08 – how many ounces of wine/beer does that account for? She blowed a .21. I’m uniinformed when it comes to this. I just assume, you don’t drink and drive. (especially with a baby on board.

  • neighbor

    I know her. Her husband just died a month ago, she just hit rock bottom good thing that they’re okay. This is the last thing that I would ever expect from her.

  • Will

    I was thre with dad, brother and mom at the scene we tried to help her and get her home but she wouldn’t coperate and began being unruly, another women came to help and called the police but she thought we had her keys and tried to hit my dad i feel for her because her husband died of als in march but tht still doesnt give u a right to drive drunk with her 4 year old child. Her car was damaged and her front window was torn off she was believed to hit a mailbox or something before going into the ditch my prayers are with her and her family tonight hopefully she was learn from this and won’t make this bad choice again

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