NC man arrested after taking off pants at Waffle House

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Ryan Christopher Smallwood

ROCK HILL, S.C. — A North Carolina man was arrested Saturday after police say he sat in a booth at a Rock Hill Waffle House without his pants and later struck up a conversation with two patrons about his private parts.

According to the Rock Hill Herald, a police officer noticed Ryan Christopher Smallwood, 26, of Fayetteville, sitting in a booth, “flipping the bird” at a customer around 1 a.m.

Smallwood’s pants were dropped to his ankles, the officer reported, though he still had his boxers up around his waist.

The officer told Smallwood to pull up his pants, warning him that any further inappropriate behavior and he would have to leave the restaurant.

Smallwood pulled his pants back up, but the officer later overheard Smallwood talking about his privates to two other people sitting at the bar.

The officer told Smallwood he could either leave the restaurant or be arrested, the report states.

After an argument with the officer, Smallwood was arrested and charged with public disorderly conduct.

Source: Rock Hill Herald


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