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More bicyclists in Greensboro taking bikes to work

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Bicyclists in Greensboro are taking their hobby to work.

At Recycles Bike Shop, Merritt White says people are asking for suggestions on what's the best bike to ride to work. White offers feedback and plans their route.

“The more the city is growing, the more greenways will connect neighborhoods routes,” White said.

Greenways are growing in Greensboro. When it's finished, connectors along the Downtown Greenway will take bike riders from the center of town to Lake Brandt.

Tracie Heavner is a member of Bicycling in Greensboro. Heavner said people are looking for safe places to bike and commute.

"Younger people are choosing not to drive and they are looking to move to communities that have the infrastructure to support bicycling and commuting,” Heavner said.

Greensboro planner Daniel Amstutz said Greensboro is looking to build more greenways and bike lanes.

"Biking is a fun thing to do as recreation or getting from one place to another,” Amstutz said. “It's a transportation mode that deserves equal status as an automobile."