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Officer killed before house explodes on live TV

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BRENTWOOD, N.H. — A New Hampshire police officer was shot and killed before a massive house fire and explosion that was caught on TV. reported that Brentwood Police Officer Stephen Arkell was shot and killed after entering a home in Brentwood on Monday.

Multiple law enforcement agencies reportedly rushed the home at around 4:45 p.m. after a report of an officer-involved shooting.

The fire reportedly started on the second floor of the duplex. The massive explosion happened shortly before 6 p.m. and flames spread throughout the home.

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  • Patrick James Kelly

    Another NRA gun-nut who believed his home was under attack by tyrannical government agents bent on taking away his Second Amendment rights. RIP Officer and thanks NRA for helping incite this mental midget into yet another instance of gun violence.

    • About7fish

      Get a load of this guy, dragging in partisan politics into any area he possibly can to further his cause.

      • Thomas Noell

        And doing so without knowing the facts of this case. Typical, knee-jerk, hate-filled, irrational liberal reaction, just like we saw in Tucson, Aurora, DC Naval Yard, and Newtown.

    • Thomas Noell

      Patrick, name ONE mass-murderer or shooter who was an NRA member, please? After doing some quick Internet searches, I find NONE. But nearly ALL recent gun violence criminals who have made headlines in recent decades were heavily influenced by violent video games and films from such anti-NRA, Hollywood hypocrites as Harvey Weinstein. But I’m sure in your blind, narrow-minded hatred for the NRA and supporters of civil liberties as the 2nd Amendment, it would be hopeless to persuade you with facts and logic.

      • Zombiekiller

        These people are insane. The NRA and video games have NOTHING to do with it. That’s just a cop-out.

    • SINNER 1

      Listen Patty !! Maybe you should hang on till some more facts come in,and then run down every by the number point you can that the KK_Klintons and O_Hole tells you to use !! Since you can not think for yourself !!

  • Tberryjack

    NRA Gun Nut, Huh? Sounds like you’re the only crazy one here so it a Good thing you don’t own one. First article that came out about this ordeal was that the guy in the house was a Cop and or so was his son. But they will try to keep that quite for now. I’ll bet the house started on fire to begin with due to a teargas canister and so was the explosion, that how the cops do it anymore if they want to payback someone that kills a cop. They don’t waste time trying to talk you out anymore. They start the house on fire with, what they say was a teargas canister gone wrong, and then for some reason another one just exploded (Strange why it would have done that. Good luck Mr. Patrick James Kelly, You stepped in it now your the one stinks here.

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