Cops pull people over, give them funny surprise

Cops pull people, give them funny surprise

You’ll never guess why these cops are pulling people over. Instead of a ticket, you may be surprised by what they give them.

Watch the video above to find out the pleasant surprise.

Credit: Wall’s Ice Cream.

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  • Frances Bielss

    cops ..can pull me over any time .I love Ice cream . all I get from them speeding Ticket .. my fault , sorry I drive to fast have to on thse high way or get kill by other drivers .. where my Ice Cream ???

  • Tricia

    Wow, so you are all probably the same ones who are cop haters for pulling people over all the time because they must be on a ‘power trip’ , now you are going to get mad when they are doing nice things for people to? I’m also pretty sure they have to have reason to believe the drug dealers are transporting at the time, which I am guessing also they would already be building a case separately on those individuals. You guys really do need to lighten up and give them a break. Harboring some animosity for getting caught breaking the law maybe??

  • Tricia

    Haha, I received a phone call and my phone auto corrected and posted for me haha. I meant *too for all you grammar perfectionists. :-)

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