Restaurant owner claims to have captured ‘ghost’ on camera

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CASCADE, Iowa — A restaurant owner in Iowa believes he may have captured a ghost on surveillance video.

Pat Orr told KWWL cameras at his Maid-Rite in Cascade recorded what appears to be a shadow hovering over a dish-washing sink.

“I basically told him that he probably should call the Ghostbusters,” joked Police Chief Fred Heim.

The recordings were reportedly made in April. Orr said another recording from less than a week later shows a stack of cups fly off a shelf and hit an employee.

Watch footage of the “ghost” in the video above.


  • Suzi

    Seriously? The “shadow” is SO obviously closer to the lens , so it’s a bug or dirt….& “flying off the shelf”???? How stupid ARE these people…It’s styrofoam containers, placed slightly off kilter they can fall with just a slight vibration…

      • FaithC

        JethRO, I would say man up and post uder your own name not mine, but you would have to be a man and not a coward to do that. Sick sorry little man. LOL

  • Triple Aught

    Sensational BS.
    The things people will do to achieve notoriety…and more customers.

    I think it is a fly as well, or a Mosquito…!

    Could be a Cock Roach.

  • Geezuz

    Really??? “Fly’s off the shelf?” Perfect example of the liberal media over-exaggerating the situation. Obviously they’ll do and say ANYTHING to get attention and ratings. So sad and pathetic.

    • Bob Jones

      How in the world do you twist this into a political thing? Might be time for a self-evaluation bub, you’re seeing things that aren’t there – kind of like the dude in the video.

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