NC woman calls 911 to complain about pizza

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Bevalente Michette Hall, 37, of Gastonia

GASTONIA, N.C. — A North Carolina woman was arrested after authorities said she called 911 to complain about pizza.

WSOC-TV reported that Bevalente Michette Hall, 37, of Gastonia, called 911 on Thursday to report that her pizza was prepared wrong.

Hall has been charged with misuse of the 911 system by telephone.


  • Cindy

    All that hair coloring and body piercings must have totally damaged her brain…what little she has! This idiot is a scumbag….tying up the 911 operators when they could be answering life and death calls! Yes, people, 911 is only for life and death emergencies! Maybe she will keep her mouth shut when she gets her prison tray! I hope it’s everything she doesn’t like!

      • FaithC

        JehRO, you need to stop using my name to post, I guess you post under womans name because you are not man enough to use your own. You sir are a coward and a very sick man…but we all know that. .

      • The Dork

        FaithC you need to stop this weird and strange fantasy land that you seem to live in. We all know that you make up all of your posts on here and then blame an imaginary person for doing it. You’re the sick one!! Have you ever been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder?

  • truth

    I don’t see how her looks have anything to do with what she did and calling her a scumbag has anything to do with something that she did out of stupidity…lets just call it what it is and leave out all the other bashing

  • Cindy

    Faith, why do you say stupid things? What gives you the right to say that when you have no idea how educated I am with an infinite amount of common sense. I have served in the Military, traveled the world and will be studying for my Master’s soon. People like you who run their ignorant mouths don’t have knowledge and common sense! Knowledge is power! The only power you have is the hole in your face which shoots out hot air and it has nothing to do with knowledge!

    • FaithC

      Knowledge? What do you know of knowledge peon? A masters? Wow. Let me know how your 32k entry level job works out. Don’t cast stones when you live in a glass house Cindy.

  • Bizzy

    I love all the ignorant, judgemental comments about her looks having anything to do with her ridiculous actions. I hope you realize you’re just attempting to combat ignorance with ignorance. Her looks have nothing to do with the fact that she’s just an idiot.

  • Beverly Holloway

    She beautiful I think she made a mistake plus its more then one side to every story diffused!

    • l337g33k

      Beverly, how can there be two sides to THIS story. If you can put together a somewhat readable and coherent sentence, please give it a whirl and explain.

  • news2me

    If she called 911 to complain about a pizza, then she obviously needs counseling and/or help.

    We need not call her names or make fun of her….why not try to understand why she did what she did…..and hope that she will receive help.

    We are all so different and no one should ever make fun of another person…

    • Ty Raid @WM2793

      Hey dumb@$$ that’s exactly what people need to do with numbskulls like this. They need to be shamed into rethinking their behavior choices.
      You boneheads with your nambi pambi give them counseling ideas haven’t figured out that that garbage doesn’t work .
      They go to counseling blame the world for their problems learn a few breathing exercises and how to count to ten before they go off.
      Then they get a certificate and forget everything by the time the ink is dry.
      But while this lady with the hair that looks like Walt Disney may have thrown up on it and a face with more fishing hooks than a bait shop is talking to .911 some little old lady suffering from copd is out of breath and literally dying to get a hold someone for help.
      And your dumb enough to think this lady needs understanding .
      News2me you sicken me.
      Lady you’re the one that needs counseling.

  • Im aware

    Fox News knows what they are doing..This story didn’t HAVE to be on here because its not REALLY news. It bait for half the fools on here and it works EVERY TIME. There are PLENTY of stories of real thing bad and good going on in the world but y’all choose this red headed lady because she looks like a perfect target. I see y’all in plain sight..

  • David Hedgecock

    I think she is the same woman that tied up the Drive-Thru lane at McDonalds the other morning;;;when she ordered for a BUS! I finally had to go inside after I was able to get out of the Drive-Thru line. I was there 45 minutes because of her.

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