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Man mistakenly released from prison now must serve 90 more years

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AURORA, Colo. — A Colorado man who was mistakenly released from prison must now serve 90 more years.

KDVR-TV reported that the Arapahoe County Court realized its mistake in January and arrested the 35-year-old husband and father again.

Rene Lima-Marin was ordered to serve back-to-back sentences of 98 years for armed robberies at two video stores more than 15 years ago.

A court clerk made an error telling the Department of Corrections his eight sentences were all supposed to run at the same time for 16 years.

The court corrected its mistake. But it has torn a family apart.

“By far, the worst day of my life and it hasn’t gotten any better since then,” says Rene’s wife, Jasmine.

Lima-Marin has reportedly turned his life around. He must serve the sentence unless the governor steps in.

Read full story: KDVR-TV


  • Jim

    Yep, Yep, Yep!!!!!! You are both very much right… The governor should step in —– A BIG PILE OF DOGGIE POOH!!!!!!!!!!… And he did turn his life around,,,, WHEN HE WENT FROM A DECENT CITIZEN TO A COMMON CRIMINAL AND LIER!!!!! Like Tony Barretta said years ago,,, “Don’t Do The Crime IF You Can’t Do The TIME”!!!!! LOOSER CRY BABY!!!!!!!

  • Tavi

    If he has turned his life around and truly is a good man now, why waste tax money to care for him in prison? Let him go on with his life and pay taxes.

  • Bo Diddley

    Yeah let him out so he can rob or worse. Just give him a pile of rocks and tell him to keep breaking them into smaller ones.

    • ben

      I’m an example of someone who can turn his life around. To say somebody who did a crime and should pay for it the rest of their life is ridiculous. 98 years for armed robbery? You can kill someone and serve less time than that. I don’t know the circumstances of his case but if he was released, proved to society that he can be productive and positive then let him stay out.

  • llw

    He has turned his life around, moved on and doing well. The guy needs a break, he served his time. If he has been clean for 15 years he has gained something positive in life he doesn’t need to go back to prison, use that space for someone else more worthy.

  • shhcrush

    Please let the Government step in! 98 years for Robberies… REALLY! You can get off easier if you commit a murder. The man did his time let him be FREE now!

  • Gary

    Here is a state that wants to ban the law abiding citizen from having a gun but then they legalize drugs, and send a man to prison for 98 years for robbing a Video store. I don’t know the specifics of the robbery such as was a gun used or was someone hurt in the robbery but this state is messed up. The people that live there should remember all these things on Election Day. But they may not be able to remember anything with the legal drugs. Maybe this was by design a government in charge of a people that can’t think for themselves because the government allows them to indulge in drugs freely.

  • 420 Associate

    That many years he may have been an habitual offender plus the nature of the robberies were some what brutal. Next thing is there are murderers that swear their innocent or have changed should they be set free after serving 10-18yrs?

  • l337g33k

    He played the system. He could have asked for a reduction in sentencing, but then the clerical error would have been found. He took his chance, and got caught… apparently a reoccurring theme. With that type of sentence, then there were obviously aggravating factors. That’s how structured sentencing works. They just don’t arbitrarily pick a number out of the air, its formula based. He got the sentence for a reason, SEND HIM BACK and keep him.


    People DO learn from their mistakes and this man has apparently totally turned his life around for the good – for God, his church, his family and home. I truly hope that the governor reviews this case with a totally open mind and heart. PEOPLE DO LEARN FROM MISTAKES.

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