Man mistakenly released from prison now must serve 90 more years

AURORA, Colo. — A Colorado man who was mistakenly released from prison must now serve 90 more years.

KDVR-TV reported that the Arapahoe County Court realized its mistake in January and arrested the 35-year-old husband and father again.

Rene Lima-Marin was ordered to serve back-to-back sentences of 98 years for armed robberies at two video stores more than 15 years ago.

A court clerk made an error telling the Department of Corrections his eight sentences were all supposed to run at the same time for 16 years.

The court corrected its mistake. But it has torn a family apart.

“By far, the worst day of my life and it hasn’t gotten any better since then,” says Rene’s wife, Jasmine.

Lima-Marin has reportedly turned his life around. He must serve the sentence unless the governor steps in.

Read full story: KDVR-TV


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