Businesses along Dan River: Entire river is not contaminated

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STOKES COUNTY, N.C. – Businesses along the upstream Dan River are working to diffuse the misconception that the entire river is contaminated from the coal ash spill.

David Hoskins with the Dan Rover Company, Inc. said that he has customers from all over the world that use his kayak and canoe rentals to enjoy the river.

Since the coal ash spill downstream on February 2nd, Hoskins said customers are skeptical as to whether the area near his business is safe.

"People don’t realize that downstream means it’s not going to contaminate,” he said. “There’s no way that that ash can come up into this area.”

Hoskins said the Stokes County Economic Development groups have been actively working on a "Clean & Clear" campaign to highlight the areas upstream that are clear from contamination. Hoskins’ business is 50 miles upstream.

July is the peak time of the year for the Dan River Company and Hoskins hopes that the misconception won’t affect his summer profit.

Monday May12th, Duke Energy will offer the latest information on the cleanup of the coal ash deposit above the Schoolfield Dam in Danville, Virginia.

Also on Monday at 4:30 p.m., representatives invite the community to lean about the ash management plan, the operations that have retired at the Dan River Steam Station, and the new Dan River Combined Cycle plant.


  • its my business

    They are working to diffuse the misconception that the entire river is contaminated from the coal ash spill. HA!

    I am one person, along with my family that won’t be on that river, regardless. This man is going to lose $$$$$ on his most succesful time of the year. Duke Power needs to give him some restitution for that unforeseen blunder that I have read could take up to a decade or more to clean up. just sayin…

    • Thomas Christopher

      As one who has lived upstream from the Dan River for 40 years and as one who has worked for seven years in municipal water treatment plants that feed from the river upstream of the Eden spill, I have yet to see the streamflow defy the laws of physics and flow backward and uphill since the elevation changes gradually in the many miles that the Dan flows across Rockingham County before it comes to the site of the coal ash spill. But fear, lies, political agendas, and ignorance can lead many to irrational conclusions.

      • NobodyAtAll

        Seems to be a whole lot of hype here over nothing, considering the Deep Water Horizon disaster..

  • its my business

    Oh, you must know my Uncle Shorty (R.I.P.) – He ran the water filteration plant for decades and retired and started his own water testing businesss. The tales he told ….

  • Triple Aught

    The river is far too shallow in a lot of spots to canoe.
    And there are no fish to catch beside very small hornyheads.

    Believe me, it is no fun to have to get out and wade while pushing the canoe over small rocks for 200 or 300 yards before being able to resume.

    To canoe the Dan in this area, you need to go when the water level is up, like after 2 or 3 days of rain, only then is it an enjoyable trip with breath taking scenery.

    No, I am not trying to damage anyone’s business, just warning others who may have heart trouble, or other conditions, who do not need to find out the hard way as I did.

    It was a miserable trip while the water was at normal levels.

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