Florida woman accused of bulldozing neighbors’ home because she ‘didn’t like them’

Ana Maria Moreta Folch

Ana Maria Moreta Folch

FLORIDA — A 62-year-old woman in Florida said she had her neighbors’ mobile home bulldozed because she didn’t like them.

According to the Florida Times Union, Ana Maria Moreta Folch suspected her neighbors of breaking into her car, so she decided to destroy their home.

The woman told a heavy equipment operator she owned the mobile home and wanted it and its septic tank destroyed, according to the arrest report.

When the contractor showed up, she showed him the key and said no one lived there.

After the mobile home was demolished, the owner showed up.

Folch was charged with criminal mischief, a third-degree felony and given a bond of $10,000.

Damage to the home was estimated at $25,000.

According to the paper, the woman said she considered it a favor to her neighborhood.

Source: Florida Times Union


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