WATCH: Two brave bulldogs confront a black bear stealing from bird feeder

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Two Bulldogs were barking on a New Hampshire porch as a black bear ventured into their backyard.

In the video, the bear is shown on its hind legs eating from a bird feeder when the dogs broke through the railing on the porch to confront the bear. 

The bear quickly retreated into the woods.

As the owner of the video put it, “one might say this bear is the world’s the most, mild-mannered Black Bear ever confronted.”


  • Nicole

    Who videos their dogs running toward a bear? And keeps recording when the bear could easily have just killed the dogs? Who does that?! That could have ended so badly!

  • Elena C.

    Not surprised that it ran away. Black bears are usually, USUALLY, not dangerous. They are easily frightened and do not like confrontation. But good dogs! They did their job: protecting their home.

  • animal lover

    Not surprising. Yes they can be dangerous when with cubs. But I agree with Elana C they are more scared of people. I can’t stand it when they are killed for being around people. We have invaded there territory. Let them live and leave them alone. They will go back to the wild. Black Bear lover 101

    • Elena C.

      Bears are my favorite animals, so I try to learn as much as I can about them. Then I use that knowledge to TRY to educate others. Some listen, some don’t care. It’s sad.

  • rob

    Fit English bulldogs such as the ones in this video where bred in the olden days to hunt and trap and sometimes pin down a hunters pray they did their job on natural instinct it’s dangerous it’s socks it’s scary but it happens

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