SC boy accused of slapping girl after watching ‘smack cam’ videos

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YORK, S.C. — Online videos called “smack cams” are going viral and a local 12-year-old student is facing criminal charges for smacking a fellow middle school student without warning.

Smack cam videos are trending and show young people unexpectedly slapping one another in the face.

According to WSOC, the father of the victim said his daughter was slapped during class at York Middle School and he is upset.

The boy who slapped her said it was a joke but police are calling the prank an assault. The boy later told police that he was sorry.

Investigators want parents to be more aware of what their children are viewing online, especially on Facebook and YouTube.

The victim’s father hopes children understand how a prank can quickly turn into a crime.

The boy is being charged as a juvenile.

Source: WSOC

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