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Winston-Salem city leaders consider $175M in improvements

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- City leaders wrapped up its last community meeting Wednesday night on a proposed $175 million in capital needs projects.

The projects include everything from road repairs to recreation and economic development. The city has spent money on capital needs since 2000, mainly due to the recession.

Many at the last meeting held at Meadowlark Elementary School expressed interest in improving roads, especially the congested Meadowlark Drive.

"The addition of a Walmart and shopping center associated with that is really going to add to the existing traffic problems we have," said Michelle Soyars, who lives near the Meadowlark Drive area and hopes improvements to the drive will be near the top of the list. "We are hoping it will include sidewalks, maybe a bridge access over Meadowlark Drive, so a lot of the kids in the community can walk to school rather that ride the bus."

"It's been really helpful to hear from citizens about what their specific needs are," said Lee Garrity, city manager.

Garrity believes if the city council votes to place the bonds on the November ballot and residents approve them, many projects could be completed within three years.

"We have detail plans of all the projects so if they are approved we will be moving as fast as we can," Garrity said.

City council will take up the issue this summer.