Video shows Tenn. woman attacking second-grader on school bus

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CLARKSVILLE, TENN. — Video released on Wednesday shows a woman on a school bus threatening and attacking a second-grader, according to The Leaf-Chronicle.

Chaos erupted when the woman stepped on the bus to confront a child that she believed hit her stepdaughter in the mouth.

The video shows Kela Ieshia Hand, 22, getting on the bus, walking past the driver, yelling at the children and trying to lead the 7-year-old boy she believed hurt her stepdaughter off the school bus.

The video shows Hand grabbing a 7-year-old second-grader and shouting profane threats at the child. She then threatened all of the children on the bus.

The woman can be heard telling the boy she will  “(expletive) him up.” The boy said he would tell his mom, according to the warrant, and Hand is heard yelling, “Go ahead. I will (expletive) her up too!”

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    • Chucky

      Whle a bus driver should try to prevent a person from boarding the bus for such reasons, not all persons who walk toward a bus let the bus driver know why they are getting on it. Once they are on it, the bus driver could be injured if they try to confront the person or be sued if they lay hands on them. If I knew someone might be there to cause trouble, I closed the door but you don’t generally know that until it is too late and they are on the bus. I would have parents to step on the bus to talk to me when I drove and I never had reason to stop them. I was lucky I guess. Was the parent wrong to get on the bus and handle it the way she did… certainly. But don’t blame the bus driver.

  • Megan

    As parents and grown adults we are responsible to show children how to respect and act this woman needs to seriously grow up and consider herself lucky it wasn’t my child.

    • Wendy

      I agree, but she’s 22 and obviously stupid, shouldn’t been in charge of a child to begin with. I hope she’s in jail.

  • tiffany mclaughlin

    Just shows you where the children get their ignorance…..who would even find a woman with tjis behavior attractive enough to want them part of the child’s life…as yall say RATCHET…TRIFLING ETC….

  • FaithC

    This is how adults deal with things? Total trash. Instead of going to the principal she chooses to confront a 7 year old. What a total loser. She will teach her stepdaughter this and then be surprised when the girl ends up in jail.

  • Cindy

    The bus driver should have demanded the parents leave and called the police. She should gave closed her doors as well! Typical ugly, uneducated parents! I am so glad that the woman was punished! She should do community service and anger management, however, that wouldn’t change her horrible attitude and personality! Typical of her culture!

  • Ericka Lawson

    Uneducated trash. Her children and grandchildren probably act the same way. She better thank god this was not my child. The bus driver needs to be disciplined and the women needs to be in jail.

  • Edward

    this is all because the bus driver let her on the bus she should be fired and you see her with a smile on her face like it was a joke .shame on the parents your talking 6 and 7 year olds what is this world coming to real trash .

  • B

    The question is, what was she going to do with the child that hit her child? Taking hold of a child that’s not your’s is an assault. Taking a child off a bus is kidnapping. Parents should be charged to the fullest. Stupid and stupid is all you can say.

  • Granny M

    You all miss the real point here….all those children were in danger when this woman got on the bus…There should be NO one on the bus except the children and the driver. Aren’t there any protocols in place to keep extra adults off the school buses? This could have been someone who meant to harm all the children and not just one child.

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