Scientists from MIT have simulated 13 billion years of galaxy evolution


Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have simulated 13 billion years of galaxy evolution, dating from shortly after the Big Bang until present day.

A video highlighting the MIT simulation was posted to YouTube on Wednesday by the Nature Publishing Group.

The simulation, named Illustris, shows both the enormous scale of the Universe and the wide variety of galaxies.

Scientists say the simulation produces a universe that looks remarkably similar to the one we see through our telescopes.

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  • Chucky

    I just can’t help but wonder how they come up with all of that. It seems to me that most of it would be speculation. There are a lot of programs these days that are presented as if they are factual but there are a lot of assumptions and speculations made in them. I’ve seen several on dinosaurs and such. While entertaining, there are just some things the producers and directors can only guess at.

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