NC man arrested for crawling under home, spying on woman while she showered

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UNION COUNTY, N.C. — Police have arrested a man who was allegedly spying on woman while she showered inside her home.

According to WSOC, investigators said a neighbor spotted Jaime Toledano Hernandez, 40, crawling underneath the victim’s home on Willoughby Road.

Investigators said Hernandez was using a hole to spy on the 19-year-old woman in her bathroom.

It is unclear how Hernandez was able to avoid getting caught until now, WSOC said.

Hernandez was charged with secretly peeping. A $1,000 secured bond was set.


  • sophie

    Doing the job decent Americans just won’t do. Hiding in the shadows of this woman’s crawl space. Just checking for leaks.

  • Donnie

    Only 1K for bond? Is the magistrate his uncle? No wonder people keep committing crimes. He can get out for only 100. Shame on that judge.

  • Nichole Hilton

    What a per!!! And $1000 bond??? That’s a joke!!! The poor girl is probably terrified!

  • Conan

    Ok, so let me get this right. If i want to see any girl just crawl under the house and look. Only hundred bucks to get out. Not bad, if i do this for a whole month and only get caught at the end of the month, thats 3.33 per day. Cheap. To bad she didn’t shoot him, shower and then call the law.

  • James

    I am a guy, a typical guy at that, But I don’t understand how any man can violate a woman’s rights and privacy like that, Men like this is what makes all men look bad

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