Family dog finds, rescues missing 3-year-old

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COOPERSTOWN, N.D. — A family dog is being called a hero after he found and rescued a 3-year-old who had wandered away from home in North Dakota Tuesday.

Carson Urness, 3, was playing in his yard Monday night when he wandered away.

When the boy didn't come inside for dinner, his mother began to panic.

After she called 911, rescue crews showed up and began to search.

As it began to rain, the family quickly realized the family dog "Cooper" was also missing.

They hoped he was with Carson.

Hours later, about 2 a.m., Carson was found about a mile away, safely tucked under his dog, Cooper, who was shielding him from rain and wind.

The boy was take to the hospital and expected to be OK.

Source: CNN/WDAY


  • Too Young

    3 years old is too young to be left alone playing in the yard. This story is one of the reasons why.


    A three year old “didn’t come in for dinner”… Um ok…. Surely this story was just poorly written & reads wrong. No one is that crazy as a parent. These folks have to be responsible they have a kid and a smart dog and mom is home making dinner. I’m betting on sometimes words are just read differently. Dog deserves a huge meaty bone!

  • Mary

    I saw the video interview and mom says “He was outside playing and I thought he must be getting hungry because it was 7:30 and he hadn’t come in to eat yet” I can see cows and heavy equipment right behind her in this interview and I am thinking- “WOW! Mother of the year award here…..” Hoping this kid will be on the radar with social services so they can check up on him because his parents don’t seem to be the brightest!!

  • dobydog1

    this is obviously a country kid. country kids grow up very differently then city kids. country kids have far more freedom since there is not a pervert on every corner nor is there traffic to worry about. kids are allowed to play and explore outdoors. I grew up in the midwest and we used to spend afternoons wandering through woods with no parents overlooking our every step. I am glad the kid had such a great and smart dog.

  • Mary

    at three it doesn’t matter where they live. This kid could get stomped by a cow or get hurt playing with all the heavy machines around or….he might wander off and get lost!!! Different if he had an older sibling around or if he were a few years older but this is a TODDLER!!!

  • Lyndsay

    Here’s an idea…don’t let your 3 year old go outside to play alone on your 10 acre lot when it’s starting to get dark. What in the world were they thinking?? Good thing the dog was concerned about the kid’s safety.

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