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Report: Furniture maker to close High Point plant, lay off 230 workers

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — Office furniture maker Steelcase Inc. announced Tuesday it will close its High Point plan and lay off 230 workers over the next two years, according to a report from the Triad Business Journal.

The company, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, said in a statement it will close the plant to “control costs, reduce excess manufacturing capacity and reinvent its industrial model, according to the report.

Source: Triad Business Journal


  • impeach obama!!!

    Thanks obama and all of you idiotic obama supporters! Obama so loved the poor he created millions more!

  • its my business

    This is an issue that has been happening with furniture manufacturers in High Point for well over a decade. First, the manufacturers felt it would be best to send their manufacturing overseas. Quality and quantity diminished, to say the least. Fabric and leather choices became obsolete for most. High Point, NC has been known as “The Furniture Capital of the World.” When Furniture Market is not in town, during April and October, High Point becomes a Ghost Town. (with the exception of some fine eateries) I am just praying for the people that are losing their jobs and also some way to bring High Point back to how it use to be!

  • bonnie davis

    I just found out that Steelcase will be closing in High Point NC. My father is 70yrs. old and has worked at this plant for yrs. How is he suppose to find another job at his age? He has had to work because he has bills to pay as many others. I am so upset that in America that all of our jobs are leaving. WHAT ARE WE TO DO!!!!! Why is so important that corperations only worry about their on wallets don t they care about their hardworking employees that have helped them get to where they are? Answer is No. So sad for all those people working there thinking they had a job security!!!! Just like everything else it does not exsist.

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