Mountain Dew’s Taco Bell exclusive ‘Baja Blast’ now sold in stores

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Mountain Dew fans, rejoice!

PepsiCo’s popular Mountain Dew Baja Blast, available only at Taco Bell until yesterday, is now available in stores.

The soda was developed 10 years ago exclusively for Taco Bell and gained a sort of cult following among Mountain Dew aficionados.

Baja Blast hit the shelves and coolers of Walmart and convenience stores May 5 for a limited time as part of a summer promotion PepsiCo is calling the “Summer of Baja.”


    • Vasu Murti

      No need to resort to personal attacks. (Matthew 7:12) I merely asked a simple question. Since I don’t consume caffeinated beverages, I was unaware whether or not Baja Blast contains caffeine.

    • Tom Hanks

      Wow, must we really quote the bible? Grow up and stop reading fairy tales about imaginary friends.

  • Sasha

    My question is…why does it expire so early? I looked on the bottle i got his morning, August 4th…2014. That’s early for pop, the cans I have at home expire November 4th 2014, can anyone tell me why?

    • Mike

      It won’t be unsafe to consume, but the soda goes flat a lot faster in the plastic bottles.

    • Paul

      All plastic soft drinks have a 3 month code unless they’re slow sellers there may still be some mays out there and June.

  • Cosmos

    I think PepsiCo will see how profitable it will be to just sell this in store permanently, or maybe I’m just hoping that, but the Walmart manager I talked to today says they sold out way faster than they expected to, they’re already out of the 12 packs so all they have are the 24oz cans and 20oz bottles. and they are planning to restock in June. So fingers crossed!

  • kristen

    Where can I find it in Texas?! Been looking EVERYWHERE since the 5th.. no luck not even a sign of it! HELP!

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