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Candidates battle for Rep. Howard Coble’s seat

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- This is the first time in three decades Howard Coble's name is not on the ballot.

"Very weird. I've done it for 30 years and now it just seems like my gosh have I missed the boat. Has the boat left the dock?" explains Representative Howard Coble.

Congressman Coble has served 15 terms representing the 6th District. He announced back in November that he would be retiring, days later the hopeful candidates started filing.

"The dominoes kept falling. I had no idea there would be that many. I figured probably four or five," Coble said.

There are nine republicans fighting for Coble's seat: Mark Walker, Don Webb, Bruce VonCannon, Charlie Sutherland, Jeff Phillips, Zack Matheny, Kenn Kopf, Mike Causey, and Phil Berger Jr.

"I've met each one of the republicans and I have not seen a bad guy yet," Coble said.

But the nasty campaign ads are often part of politics.

"Republicans beating up on republicans, democrats beating up on democrats. Hopefully we can bury that at the conclusion of the primary season and concentrate on the general election upcoming,"Coble said.

Coble has done the job for 30 years and has some advice to the next congressman, "I think constituents continue to demand their elected officials to be accessible and I think they are justified in making that demand."

Howard Coble has already made political history, but what does he have planned for all the free time in his future?

"I'll get back to you on that," Coble said.


    • Triple Aught

      I was taught to respect me elders, and if that is not possible, then respect my betters. I have found this to be good advice, as it helps to keep me from posting stupid comments… like yours.
      Here’s your sign…Ø

  • Triple Aught

    Mr. Coble is a genuine NC Statesman.

    In his 30 years of service, he helped countless NC Citizens with problems of all kinds relating to Government, State issues, and many types of personal issues. And never did he waiver on his Honor or Integrity.

    I am very sad to see Mr. Coble go. Helping People, was and still is, his foremost passion in life.

    NC now has a great void by the much earned and deserved retirement of this Great American Statesman.

    Mr. Coble, you will always be family to me.
    Your name shall always be remembered in this house.

    Good Luck to you Sir, and God Bless.

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