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Missing fisherman’s body found at Belews Lake

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STOKES COUNTY, N.C. — A body found Tuesday morning on the Stokes County side of Belews Lake has been identified as a fisherman that went missing last month.

A Rockingham County Sheriff’s deputy found the body around 7 a.m. during a search for two fishermen missing since April 17.

Officials identified the body as 44-year-old James Pascual Bohenstiel. Officials said the cause of death was drowning and no foul play was involved.

Jacob Allen Line, 27, and Bohenstiel disappeared April 17 during a fishing trip. The body was found near a “hot hole.”

“I could tell by the skin and other indicators that the body had been in the water a couple of weeks,” said Joe Deich, Rockingham County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Crews have been searching for 19 days and will continue combing the lake for a possible second body.


  • FaithC

    I am sure it does not make the families feel any better, but at least one family can lay their loved on to rest.
    Very sad all the way around.

  • amber froy

    I know Jacob line. I went to school with him….. I am praying flt him and his family…… Jacob we love you and hoping u r still out there……

    • Lee Goins

      LOL, he is “still out there”, he just hasn’t floated up yet.

      or maybe he killed his buddy and is now hiding out….either way, he’s “still out there.”

    • J

      I agree completely Bo a lot doesn’t add up I understand accidents happen but this just seems off. It could have been a freak accident but hard to believe two grown men who were sober and completely coherent drowned like they say has happened.

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