Wilkes Co. man known for waving while he walks

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WILKES COUNTY, N.C. -- There are some things in life that can be counted on to happen every day.

In this edition of Roy's Folks, meet a man you can be certain to see walking and waving to people every morning in Wilkes County.


  • Brianna

    This guy is my hero! I’ve learned that if I wave enthusiastically, he raises both hands! I love it! Makes my mornings a little brighter!

  • Catie

    There is a guy in boonville who walks every morning rain or shine usually around 5 i see him every single time i am out that early and I used to see another man who walked during the evening just like this he would always wave to everyone! It Does make you feel good.

  • Mary Ruth Lyon Shelton

    I grew up in the same community, church, school with Jack…..also spent many Sunday afternoons at his home visiting with his sisters—-one had my exact same name–first, middle, last and another one with my sister’s same name. Always felt as if he were my big brother too! Love the Lyon family!!!! His parents never seemed to mind how many extras they had, and in those days, extra kids were extra hands at the meal clean-up!

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