Scotty McCreery’s apartment in Raleigh burglarized

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American Idol winner Scotty McCreery and friends were the victims of a home invasion style robbery early Monday morning, according to WTVD.

Raleigh police told WTVD three armed people came into the apartment and took wallets, cash, and electronic items before fleeing.

The apartment is located near NC State’s campus, where McCreery is a student.

No one was injured.

Neighbors told WTVD they heard a group of people charging up the stairs.

“All you heard was yelling like ‘Who are you? What are you doing here? ‘ for a good five minutes. It was just yelling,” one neighbor said.

Investigators said they were working to put together descriptions of the suspects.


  • Wu Wang Tang

    Who cares…he is just like the rest of us and the amount of crime that is taking place in NC and around the world. Why is it that his story makes headlines and not the story of an entire block being vandalized in the hood.

    • Diana

      Wu Wang Tang……. Go back to your own country and mind your own business …..You’re just jealous

  • Bethany

    He isn’t like the rest of us Wu Wang Tang. He has a lot of money and he can sing. I don’t want my name in the news and magazines every time something happens to me. THANK GOD he isn’t like the rest of us. I’m sure he is a great guy I just couldn’t deal with everybody being up in my life all the time…glad they weren’t harmed.

    • Wu Wang Tang

      Alot of people can sing and alot have money that are not in the limelight…..the thing is, if you do not like stardom, leave it. Dont do publicity shows and commercials and go on tour if your not wanting your name in flashing lights and on tv. Some people like to stay low key and those are the ones you see behind the scenes who teach these people how to be better and how to sing and how to stay fit. Do you think he manages his own show and road trips???? Doofus

  • Martha Chaney

    Someone knew who he was and that he probably had a good amount of cash on him and expensive items in his apartment.

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