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Piedmont residents facing problems with online deals for air duct maintenance

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Two women in the Piedmont recently bought online deals for an air duct cleaning and had the same bad experience.

Elizabeth Dennis and Bonnie Demech bought deals from the sites Groupon and Living Social.

Both women had the same serviceman from a Greensboro company called A Breath of Fresh Air came to their homes. They say he used high pressure sales tactics to get them to spend a lot of money on "a serious mold problem."

Demech got a second opinion and was told she did not have serious mold problem. FOX8 On Your Side verified that with an independent company.

Consumer Reporter Melissa Painter reports in the video above.


  • Tracy

    Yes, I had to same thing happen to me. It was very high pressure sales pitch but I refused to pay for the “mold issue”. The guy was really nice but i just felt something was off. This is the second time I have purchased something from living social and/or groupon that the deal went south and I must admit i won’t buy another service deal through them again.

  • FaithC

    Use common sense. Before buying the Groupon check out the company. Expect that people will try to sell you more than the original deal. When someone tells you, you have such a horrible situation, do as the one woman did…get a second opinion before you spend any more money or allow them to do anything. If both woman checked with the Better Business Bureau, I am sure neither woman would have bought the company’s service.

  • Wu Wang Tang

    Groupon is a site that makes you think your getting a deal, but the site is full of BS companies and nothing from what the pictures of deal seems…When it sounds to good to be true, 99% of the time is it! Like some deal for $999.00 at a chiropractic place for only $24.99…haha…believe what you want, but no company is going to give you this deal!

    • NS

      Not really. I spent $20 on it and haven’t used in yet (9 months now) so I can’t say Angies is really helpful.

  • Jim Hatcher

    These people scam us out of $2850 for their work to keep mold and water and everything else out of our home and now its in worse shape than it was when we bought it new. they left without finishing it and now they will not come back and won’t answer the phone when i call, they refused to except my registered mail. One man said he owned it and another one signed the check and cashed it. I have got to get it redone and i am disable and can’t do it. I have had puddles of water in my crawl space that took me days to get out. I had to buy a dehumidifire to help dry the water up. the work they done fell apart. They said the material they used was high quality and water could not get through it because it would not tear. it has holes every where now because they did not clean it out befor they put the tarp down. if it was not for my disability they would have had to take that mess out and would never got paid. I will find these people John and Brandon fink with, a breath of fresh air in Greensboro. They are the biggest scammers in the country so John look for me because i am comming to see you.

  • Bonnie

    This is a rip off and you need to check the back ground of some of their worker’s you would not want them in your home !

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