Carver High School teacher accused of inappropriately touching students

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — An English teacher at Carver High School in Winston-Salem was arrested after there were reports of him inappropriately touching students.

Samuel Erick McClain, 38, of Greensboro, is charged with two counts of simple assault after two male students said he patted their buttocks.

Both incidents were reported to have occurred at the school during regular school hours.

McClain was released from jail on a $1,000 bond. His court date is set for June 25.

The school released a statement saying they are aware of the arrest and McClain was suspended in January.

Parents were notified of the situation.

Because state law limits school districts from suspending employees for more than 90 days, McClain returned to the classroom on April 21.

The Winston-Salem Police Department requests that anyone with information regarding this investigation contact Crime stoppers at 727-2800.

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  • Cindy

    When are people going to learn that touching students is big trouble?! Is it the mentality, ignorance or the position they hold in which they think they can get away with it? Stop with touching kids and having relations with them! This is horrible!

  • Anthony

    No one ever said anything about relations with students. It was probably meaning good job on something. Students need to stop making a big deal out of everything.

  • Concerned

    Anthony, its inputs like yours as to why our kids are “afraid” to tell us parents things that happen at school. Its your comment that makes our kids feel like they are jumping the gun at saying anything. Any teach that touches my kids in a manner that makes them feel uncomfortable justifies their voice being heard-as it justifies me going to the full extent to make sure something is done.

  • 2Cents

    Concerned, its input like yours as to why kids get away with their bad behavior at schools. Too many kids walking around schools these days with the attitude that they can do as they please and if any one steps in to reprimand them, they know all they have to do is cry to mommy that someone was mean to them, or bullied them, or signaled them out, or brushed up against them. Some kids know exactly how the system works!

    I am in no way advocating teachers engaging in relations with students, and in no way advocating bullying. But make no mistake……lots of kids these days know exactly how to play the game.

    if this man touched these kids deliberately and innapropriately, then send him to jail. But considering the school…..I will hold off on judement until all the facts come out.

  • Tberryjack

    There’s not enough info in the story to make a valid comment. I also know kids and if they want to get back at a Teacher or anyone else for that matter they know that all they have to do is say, “they touched me” Now it may BE True, but I’d surely have to know more about the Teacher and both the boys and NOT from their parents. Teachers aren’t always angels and Kids can be Devils when they don’t like someone. “Concerned” instead of jumping back at Anthony you need to realize how kids can be if they want to, especially in this day and time when they know that if they even mention some adult touched them the adult gets hauled off without a chance of telling their side and ALL Kids know that. Now “Concerned” if there were a few kids that were bullies and didn’t like their Teacher then what better way to get rid of them. Now I’m sure YOUR child is a sweet little angel, and I’m sure you know everything they do when they are away from you, but if you do, then you know more than MOST parents really do. But I’ll really bet you have no idea what your kid is like apart from you. Besides, sounds like YOU are a bully jumping on Anthony and your child is probably just like you…

    • Concerned

      Tberryjack, how bout you stop judging people? Bully for juding Anthony? Um, no! Hardly! I don’t know Anthony and if he or anybody else goes around inappropriately touching kids-no matter their age-I believe THEY are the bully here. Sounds like to me you ‘re a friend of Anthony’s and are defending this oervert. So be it, we all have our “calling”..but when a child is involved in public school or any school I think people need to stop and listen. So go on, now, and defend your little pervert friend. Have fun with that.

      • Tberryjack

        Concerned? you should go by (well I won’t say what I think you should go by) But I have no idea who is on here. How do you know that the Teacher really did touch them? YOU Don’t and neither does anyone else. Just because someone says something doesn’t make it true. If YOU believe everything a kid says then you are the one that needs help. Call someone a pervert, See, you are just like a child that tries to make something out of something that’s not even been suggested is ludicrous. Looks like you have more time to grumble than think, that’s a bad thing to do. You do act just like a bully, I’d be ashamed of not using the brain God gave you.And beside no one said it was a certain Race they just said it could be like one and they didn’t even say what race, You yourself said that there were different races that went there so how do you know what race they were talking about? Hummmm? That is unless YOU have the same idea about a certain one….. Judge not!!! You should take up running, if your strides were as big as your mouth you’d be fast.

  • Wu Wang Tang

    Enough with the nonsense already….all so quick to judge….kids will be kids and when they dont get what they want, they cry wolf….kind of like a certain race the United States has!

    • Concerned

      I honestly don’t think the certain race that you’re referring to has anything to do with this situation. Just because its Carver doesn’t mean that this is racial. There are all races of students within Carver, as with any other school. So lets leave the race card out of this. And no, I am not in the race group that you had to go and throw out, so before you judge I wanted to shut your mouth for you…..

      • Wu Wang Tang

        Not saying this instance is racially motivated, but I was referring to a certain race crying wolf when they do not get their way, but ok with everything when they getting what they want……kinda like these kids who are accusing this dude of inappropriately touching them…Has this been done before without a problem, who knows…we are not them and we are not witnesses, so we have no valid input…just opinion – same with my racial issue.
        Funny thing is, you knew exactly what race I was talking about, so before you ask me to shut my mouth, maybe you should open yours D Bag!

  • Jean

    I recall how a teenager high school girl, willing so much to leave her parental home, reported to police that her dad touched her. Fortunately for the father, the police officer had similar cases reported before, in a short period of time, and by teenager from the same high school. After questioning seriously the girl, she admitted having lied because her friends told her it was the best way to get out of her parental care. Since then, I think twice before condemning teachers reported for sexual harrassments.

  • news2me

    Some kids will definitely lie as was in the case not too long ago
    involving a Middle School Teacher…

    .If you give some students a bad grade..they will R_E_P_O_R_T a lie on the Teacher.

    This man is innocent until proven guilty and I will bet you that he was as innocent as the other teacher.

  • Jerry Robinson

    What does race have to do with this situation? the person who made this comment is racist, I wonder what their kids are like in school. As for the incident at Carver, I think we should know all the facts, and not assume that the teacher is guilty just because he is accused of inappropriate behavior. In some cases student lie.

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