NC ‘Idol’ contestant apologizes for controversial comments

Caleb Johnson

Caleb Johnson

An “American Idol” finalist from North Carolina is apologizing for controversial comments he made during a recent interview.

Yahoo Music reported that Asheville native Caleb Johnson blasted some of the people who suggested songs for him during an interview with After Buzz TV.

“(Twitter) gives access to a bunch of retards to talk to me,” Johnson said. “I don’t really enjoy having to see somebody telling me what song I have to sing. I think at this point of the competition, I can pick and choose my own songs and represent me.”

Johnson also expressed resentment over having to sing the Aerosmith ballad “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing,” a fan-requested song he has admitted to hating.

Johnson has apologized on social media for his recent comments to After Buzz TV.

Johnson is a top four finalist after fellow contestant Sam Woolf was sent home on Thursday.


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