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Sober woman arrested for drunk driving after deputy runs stop sign, crashes into her car

MILWAUKEE, Wisc. – A sober Wisconsin woman was arrested for drunk driving after a deputy rolled through a stop sign and caused an accident, according to a report from WITI.

A Milwaukee County sheriff’s deputy rolled through a stop sign and T-boned 25-year-old Tanya Weyker’s vehicle in February 2013.

Credit: WITI

Tanya Weyker (Source: WITI)

“It was a miracle I wasn’t paralyzed,” Tanya Weyker said.

After the crash, Weyker told deputies she had a few sips of a friend’s drink earlier that night. When a deputy asked why her eyes looked red and glassy, Weyker said she had been crying.

She also told deputies she was prescribed Vicodin after she had her wisdom teeth removed, but it had been at least a week since she took the medication.

Deputies were unable to perform a field sobriety test due to Weyker’s severe injuries. Deputies arrested her and charged her with drunk driving causing injury.

Video later proved the deputy rolled through a stop sign and T-boned Weyker’s car, causing the accident.

Weeks later, test results showed Weyker had no alcohol or drugs in her system.

“They made me into this criminal,” she said. “I knew I was innocent this whole time.”

Read the full report: WITI


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