NC teacher reprimanded for spanking student on birthday

NEWLAND, N.C. — A teacher at Avery County High School was reprimanded after she gave a student a birthday spanking in class.

The spanking was caught on video.

School Superintendent David Burleson said the teacher was giving the student a birthday spanking and it was meant in fun.

In a student’s cell phone video, it shows the student lying across the teacher’s lap at a desk with students laughing in the background.

Burleson said a student in the class showed the video to another teacher and that led to questions.

The superintendent said the long-time teacher was not suspended but was given a verbal and written reprimand, and told that it could not happen again.

Students at the school told WSOC they knew the incident was a joke. The student who received the spanking was not offended or humiliated, according to officials.

Source: WSOC


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