Greensboro officer honored for helping stranded robbery victim

Greensboro Police cruiser

GREENSBORO, N.C. – A Greensboro police officer has been honored for helping a man return home after he was robbed and stranded.

Representatives from the Greensboro Area Conventions and Visitors Bureau honored Officer A.L. McIntosh Friday for helping a 49-year-old visitor.

City officials said the man was visiting Greensboro from New York City to attend his father’s funeral. He was allegedly robbed by two suspects as he was looking for a place to eat.

Officials said the victim had about an hour before he was going to board his bus back home. While looking for food,he was reportedly robbed at knife-point.

Officer McIntosh was called and responded to the scene.

The officer asked the bus driver if the victim could pay his fare once he arrived in New York City. When the driver declined, officials said McIntosh went to an ATM and withdrew enough money from his account for the man to buy a bus ticket home.

“This is a great story of humanity and compassion,” said Greensboro Area Conventions and Visitors Bureau President Henri Fourrier, who presented McIntosh with the award.

Police said the robbers have not been caught.


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