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Vet charged after allegedly keeping family’s dog for blood transfusions

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Dr. Millard “Lou” Tierce

FORTH WORTH, Texas — A Texas veterinarian has been arrested and charged with animal cruelty after a family accused him of keeping their dog alive for months so he could use the animal’s blood for transfusions.

According to NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, Dr. Millard “Lou” Tierce is charged with cruelty to animals, non-livestock. His license has also been suspended.

Tierce, of Fort Worth’s Camp Bowie Animal Clinic, turned himself into police on Wednesday.

The family alleges Teirce kept Sid, their four-year-old Leonberger, alive for six months after his planned euthanization.

Sid’s owner, Marian Harris, told KTVT she gave Dr. Lou Tierce permission to put Sid down last October due to health problems.

0429_pet_clinic02 (1)Last week, Harris received a phone call from a former employee of the animal clinic who claimed Sid was still alive and imprisoned in a cage.

Harris and her husband said they went to the clinic where they found Sid living in a cage in the back room.

“The betrayal is so incredibly intense that nothing you have prepares you for the emotions,” Haris told KTVT. “There’s anger, there’s joy that you have your dog back, there’s betrayal of this intense trust. And so it’s just really hard to camp on one particular emotion.”


(Credit: WFAA)

Harris said Sid was able to walk and jump in the back of the family’s minivan. They immediately took him to another clinic, where a veterinarian told them he did not need to be euthanized.

“Our assumption was at that point he was going to be euthanized within 24 hours. And six months later I get a call from Mary that he’s still alive and he’s walking,” she told WFAA.

Sid is now home with the Harris family.


  • Fooey

    She should have stayed to witness the euthanization or at least waited to take the body home instead of abandoning him like she did. Shame on her too. Sounds like she just didn’t want to deal with an old dog anymore, since after six months he is still just fine.

    • BB

      I would not judge the owner. She was probably heartbroken to see such a young dog have to be euthanized. It is a very emotional time to lose a pet. I choose to judge the vet whose actions are unforgivable and deplorable. So happy Sid was rescued by the owners and hope they shower him with love.

    • Holly

      There’s no telling what the vet had told her to make her think that her dog needed to euthanized. She may have had the idea that he was in pain and just wanted to do what was best and end his suffering. If this vet did that to the dog, then no telling what else he is capable of. And not everyone wants their last memory of their pet to be of it being put to sleep. Everyone is different. I’m just glad they caught the guy.

    • Ashley

      First off, 4 years old is not old. 10 years old, or 12 years old is old for this breed. People are so quick to trust their vet and this shows why you should always get a second opinion. Not everyone deals with pain or loss the same way, she might not have been able to bare the fact that she was losing her dog.

    • Sanya Brown

      The dog wasn’t old, it was only 4 yrs. old. Some people just can’t watch thier pets be put to sleep. I would have stayed there but that’s me. It’s hard to know the exact circumstances but the vet was wrong to lie to the owners and treat the dog that way without thier permission.

    • C-lo

      I agree. I’d never just leave the dog there to be put to sleep. If it were one of my five, I’d want to be there til the very end, holding his paw and looking him in the eye, and caressing him. Just today, I helped an elderly man put his beloved St. Bernard in his car so he could take it to the vet to be euthanized and cremated; she was really old, and couldn’t even stand up by herself. She was whining, and appeared to be suffering. It was like his best friend; he said he would be ok, so I didn’t go with him, but I know he was right there til the end. He was crying before I left. I was almost to that point too. Like I said, no way I’d just drop a dog off to be put to sleep without being with it.

    • justin

      Dude are you stupid? That vet told her that there was nothing he could do for the dogs health problems. The dog was 4 years old. Thats not old. He had health conditions and she followed the advice of the vet. She didn’t show up and say “heres my dog, I dont want him. Put him down. Bye now!” Also she went up there when she found put her dog was alive. She took him to another vet and found out he can be treated and was. He is being treated for mange which he got from the vet. The bad vet brought the dog to good health to use him as a blood transfusion dog. If the lady could of saved her dog then, she would have. Its sad that you say comments like this. First do your research before you make sure a heartless comment like this. Also people like yourself take the blame off of him and put it on an innocent person who has suffered enough. Please grow the fuck up.

  • Bran

    Hopefully the poor pup doesn’t have too deep of mental scars from this. That man is a pig. put him in a cage and use him for blood transfusions. I know the family must be loading love onto Sid. again I say, humans are vile.

  • Scott Richardson

    The dog was only 4 years old when they were told he needed to be euthanized. The vet already knew what he was going to do with the dog. Shame on the Vet and shame on the family for not getting a 2nd opinion.

  • Cheryl Misner Mosley

    This is utterly disgusting. I wish we still used the Bible way, eye for eye…This man is not human. I feel so bad for Sid and his family. But thankful he is back home being loved.

  • Royal Arseino II

    I saw some idiots coming out to this POS defence on the news yesterday saying there is no way he kept that dog………..Dummy have you no level of observation, the dog is alive, the staff confirmed it and lastly, the guys a creep, look at that face.

  • Amy

    I’m not blaming the owners at all and I know first hand how hard it is to put a pet down but why didn’t they ask for the dogs body back? Or to be there.I havehad to have a pet putdown due to him having cancer and I don’t understand why they didn’t get the body back. None of this should have happened the vet should have never done this and the owets should have ask for the body back

  • PeterD

    What’s this – guilty until proven innocent? Our society is spiraling downward with these newsmedia lynchings.

    I have an appointment this Saturday to bring my 19-year-old cat to see Dr. Tierce. She has been his patient since being a kitten and was not the first animal I brought to him. He has been an excellent vet all this time, and I think by now I know him pretty well. He loves animals and works tirelessly with great skill to help them. About four years ago I brought him a dog that I had found on the highway run over. Another vet recommended the dog be put down, but Dr. Tierce repaired his hip with a plate and the dog now lives with me, my wife and our two cats. We are very satisfied customers and would deeply regret if we are forced to find a another, i.e. lesser, vet.

  • ronda waynick

    This was deffinately the vets fault. No 1 has taken n2 account that the owners may have lived n an apartment n unable 2 bury the dog. At the same time I live where u can bury them n ur yard but my brother lives n a county where u can’t. I have had my furry babies put 2 sleep due 2 age n illlness. Its hard no doubt. I just happen 2 live n an area I can bury my babies.

  • a man

    what he did was wrong no doubt. however can anyone explain to me what he could have gained from abstracting this dogs blood other than to help other animals in need? the story doesnt even say the vet said it would have been best to put the dog down to start with, and for all we know, the dog may had been abandoned there. i know it still doesnt make it right for that to make the animal a caged blood donor, but he still gained nothing other than being able to help other sick animals, and in kind of a sick , and twisted way, is a little admirable.

  • love dogs

    a little ‘admirable’??!!! ummm, no. it’s not admirable in any sort of way, not even a tiny bit. it’s horribly cruel, like living with a mad scientist in a way.

  • PeterD

    I have known Dr. Tierce for over twenty years. During that time I have brought him five pets and one rescue that I re-homed because he was terrorizing my 19-year-old cat. So I know something about the man, and I love animals. So let me please answer some of the vicious absurd allegations I have been hearing.

    Some people are pro-life; others are pro-death. Dr. Tierce is pro-life. If he kept a dog alive when the owner wanted to kill it, it’s because he wanted to help the dog. If he took blood from the dog it was to help other dogs and was a consequence of the dog being in his care, not the reason for it. If he experimented on the dog… What does that word mean anyway? How can any meaningful information be taken from that single word without knowing more detail, except for its use in stirring up a mob, and YOU ARE PART OF THAT MOB. Stop it; you’re killing him!

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