Thomasville woman wants dog that attacked her euthanized

THOMASVILLE, N.C. — A Thomasville woman wants a dog that attacked her to be euthanized, saying the current laws in Davidson County are “not enough.”

Kim Jones said her neighbors brought their pit bull into her fenced yard on Monday, April 14. She said the neighbors got into an altercation with her husband as she was attacked by the neighbor’s pit bull.

Jones was sent to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and has been through three surgeries for the reconstruction of her left leg.

“I didn’t get bit, I got attacked and viciously mauled and if our laws are going to let the dog go back then we need new laws,” she said.

Jones’ husband, Terry Jones, went to the magistrate to file charges against their neighbor for the incident and dog attack.

On April 16, an arrest warrant was issued to 18-year-old Kenneth Shoemaker for misdemeanor simple assault, first degree trespassing and assault with a deadly weapon.

The arrest warrant states “the defendant, Shoemaker, unlawfully and wilfully did assault Terry Jones by swinging at him to punch him and assaulted Terry Jones with a deadly weapon, a pit bull by bringing the dog inside a fenced yard to the victims residence and subsequently engaging in an assault on the victim knowing the dog would attack the victim.”

Jen Hanes with the Davidson County Health Department said it is customary for every dog involved in a bite to be quarantined for 10 days and that owners must show proof of current rabies vaccinations and such was done in this case.

Sheriff David Grice said a dangerous dog order was issued. Shoemaker must keep the dog inside and on a leash or face further civil citations and fines.

“We cannot seize the dog and destroy the dog unless the judge orders that done,” Grice said. “We have encouraged the owner of this dog to sign a release; if they sign a release we would be able to euthanize the dog. At this point they have chosen not to sign the release.”

District Attorney Garry Frank said “based on the evidence and the investigation we cannot pursue criminal charges at this time.”

Shoemaker’s court date for the civil charges against him is scheduled on May 21.


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