Teen wows the internet with emotional song about alcoholic father

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AUSTIN, Minn. — A teenager from Minnesota is achieving internet fame with an original song.

MyFox Philadelphia reported that Molly Kate Kestner has achieved internet fame nearly overnight after posting a video of herself on Facebook.

Her song is called “His Daughter” and is about a girl who’s abandoned by an alcoholic father.

Kestner posts music online quite often, but she said she has been saving this one for a while.

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  • Kellie

    This girl is so amazing! On a side note- this amazing song isn’t in the slightest about an alcoholic father! It’s about god, the ultimate father! There was 10 seconds about the dad drinking and then that was it! Done! Are we too scared to speak of god and his amazing gift to his children? Do we have our heads so far up the rear end of “politically correct”??? This song is about the power of god. PERIOD!

    • Breona

      I’m with you on this song she is writing how god will help you in need just when you feel as if you have nothing left. People try to make it seem the other way around to try to get more views to make it sound more intresting but the truth is that the god does more then people thinks.

  • Tonya

    Beautiful talent,hope she goes Big….its amazing ,I do hear about her drunk father but yet she’s all along….Gods Daughter!!!! She gives him all the credit…. An teaches her boy to do the same! Amazing!!!!

  • FaithC

    She is ok. She won’t be getting a contract anytime soon. Go to school, get in debt and join the millions of other college students looking for a job, or drink.

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