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Struggling Thomasville High baseball team gets support from local church

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THOMASVILLE, N.C. – The Thomasville High School varsity baseball team beat Lexington Thursday night 14-15. Team members and the coach admit the win is a rarity and give credit to the new faces in the stands.

"We typically get like three or four people in the stands," said Zack Anderson, who plays first base. "It shocked me because we don't get a lot of fans."

Before Thursday’s Senior Night game, members of Mount Zion Wesleyan Church made it know the players matter by feeding them dinner and filling the stands with cheering faces.

"We just saw it as an opportunity to show that we are proud of them, that we believe in them and that we are standing with them," said Pastor Keith Carroll. "We really appreciate them and they are valued and they are very, very important."

Coach David House, who took on the team this year, believes the community support for his team paid off Thursday night.

"To see faces in the stands it's going to give them an opportunity to play harder," House said. "You know, ‘Someone is actually here to watch me play. I can play with a little more pride.’"

The team now stands at 3-14 for the season.