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Storm debris pick-up continues in Alamance, Guilford and Orange counties

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Debris from a fallen tree (left) flanks both sides of Reynolda Road in Winston-Salem, N.C., Thursday, Mar. 13, 2014. The tree fell during a violent storm yesterday and hit a moving vehicle, killing the driver and seriously injuring his passenger. (David Rolfe/Journal)

RALEIGH — N.C. Department of Transportation crews are continuing debris removal in Alamance, Caswell, Guilford and Orange counties following an ice storm that caused extensive damage throughout the area in March.

These counties were among the nine counties in the state that President Obama declared federal disaster areas.

The state received federal funds to help pay for the removal of debris that fell in the right of way along state-maintained roads in the designated counties, as well as debris brought to the right of way by property owners along state roads.

Although the amount of debris left for pickup has exceeded original expectations, NCDOT expects the first pass of the debris removal operations in these counties to be completed next week.

The second and final pass is expected to begin immediately, and property owners must bring any remaining debris to the shoulder by Friday, May 9 to ensure pickup.

Please keep in mind the following while collecting debris for removal:

• Check your homeowners insurance as often debris cleanup is covered by insurance and arrangements for its collection would be handled by the insurance company;
• NCDOT will only collect vegetation debris such as trees and limbs;
• Property owners are asked to cut storm-related vegetation debris into five- or six-foot pieces, if possible; and
• Do not place debris in travel lanes or in areas where it will block drainage, mailboxes or fire hydrants, or create issues for motorists and pedestrians.

Citizens can contact their NCDOT County Maintenance Office with questions about debris removal or to determine if they live on a state-maintained road should call:

• Alamance County Maintenance Office: (336) 570-6815
• Caswell County Maintenance Office: (336) 694-6101
• Guilford County Maintenance Office (West- Sandy Ridge): (336) 668-2464
• Guilford County Maintenance Office (East- Camp Burton): (336) 375-5475
• Orange County Maintenance Office: (919) 732-5350


  • SherryB

    I live in Greensboro and NOTHING has been picked up in my area, not the first truck have we seen yet and debris has been exactly where we were told to place it since the first and second week AFTER the ice storm..Magnolia tree limbs, pine trees, put out by the first deadline we were given by Mar 28th and still there, turning brown as are the yards underneath, can’t mow the grass, my neighbor had to relocate a mother cat who had delivered 4 kittens in the pile of pine limbs. They supposedly have hired other companies who are “working 7 days a week, 10 hour days”..Where? All over the city there are still piles, some from one end to the other in yards..Enough is enough, its been 2 months now.

    • JWS

      Not to worry Sherry, it’s the same in a lot of areas in Thomasville and Davidson county. This type of service is why we pay all those high taxes. LOL

  • Ed

    It’s crazy here in SE Guilford county. It’s like they came through and picked up some stuff but there is still branches alongside roads in Pleasant Garden and Forest Oaks. I’ve had my tree limbs sitting out there for 2 months now. This is getting ridiculous. I have not seen any trucks in my area for a month. Come on NC get it together

  • Karen Tuttle

    we live on Wiley Lewis Road, Greensboro, NC. No one has had any kind of pick up. As the others have said, we cant mow and our ditches are not able to allow the water to flow in storms. I have already seen a copperhead making a home in the debris. Please come soon!
    Thank you! Karen Tuttle

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